Lights in the Sky

It happened again.  It’s happened before in the past, but that was different.  This time time the light was green and kind of flickered like a green flare as it fell nonchalantly over and through the trees, then down toward the ground.   This is a sighting I had in my backyard between 9:00pm and 9:30pm on Tuesday September 17th, 2013.  It looked somewhat like a flare you’d see a trucker using if his truck wound up on the side of the road due to damage or a flat tire, except it was floating down toward the ground in a relaxed arc-pattern – and it was a green, not some expected color, whatever that would be.  Green just seemed to really stick out and be really unusual for a color to be falling from the sky.  The most curious aspect of this sighting was another person reported seeing “space junk” floating in the sky across town, and explained her sighting as having a “green light” look to it, as well.

The next morning my husband and I walked the entire area, a big field, where the ball of light might have landed but we found nothing.

Flash forward to Sunday morning – February 23, 2014 – I was updated by a friend who was traveling by car at around 12:30am (Sunday morning) when she had a sighting of the same general thing I had reported months earlier, only hers was different.

This is part of question/answer exchange:

Witness: “It was just like you said. It just kinda chilled there for a sec I went to get my phone and it went all crazy zig zagging around and then looked like it went straight down.”

Me: “This is crazy – did it seem to defy gravity when it was hanging in the sky?”

Witness: “It was just kind of floating there then just took off.”

Another added bonus is another witness who came forward who also saw something quite similar in the next town over, from I am currently surmising, was at, roughly, the same general time.

Two sightings of the same general phenomena within 6 months, with 2 witnesses to each occurrence.  None of the witnesses were with each other, and all were in separate, but neighboring, towns when the events were observed.  We are all quite baffled, and intrigued at the same time, and will continue to search for answers to this mysterious phenomena.

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