All they need is a little light, huh?

As a paranormal investigator who approaches situations with a healthy bit of skepticism I have to say – sending spirits to the light, and the people who claim to do so, are interesting topics to me.   Why?  I would have to say my first inclination is to fall back on what I know from reading personal accounts, researching cases, and working personally with clients who have had this type of procedure done in their home only to realize “it didn’t take”;  The spirits didn’t actually move on – even though the client was assured the spirits in their home were guided to the light by the qualified person who pointed them in the right direction.

Let me make one thing clear before I continue – Do I believe it’s possible to assist a spirit to go to where they need to be?  Yes, I guess I do. But my answer is more open than it may appear.   I believe we, as physical beings, can tell a spirit it’s no longer in physical form – something the spirit may not realize.  It happens.  I also believe we can tell a spirit what we think we understand about the afterlife, and we can help that spirit move on to where it needs to be, based on that shared information.

In my personal experience and opinion there is a distinct difference between “sending a spirit to the light” and “clearing a home”, and I guess that’s what I want to bring into focus here.   Sending a spirit to the light is a concept I have a really hard time grasping and understanding.  Over the years I’ve heard numerous people claim they can open portals, and they can bring “the light” into view of a wayward spirit, allowing the spirits to go to where they should have gone directly after death.  I’m just not sure how I feel about this.  In real-world terms, what these people are saying is, while here in physical form – they’re opening a doorway to heaven for a spirit who doesn’t know where they’re supposed to be, or how to get there.  Is it possible?  I don’t know – maybe?  As a skeptic I have to say it’s far more likely it’s not possible, only because I base much of my opinion on logic and reasoning.  It’s not an opinion that’s personal against anyone who says they can do this sort of thing, it’s more of a – there’s no measurable data that’s come from scenarios where this process was implemented.  I think that’s the best way of saying it.

In the case of “clearing a home”, the situation is quite different.   It’s not that anyone is guiding a spirit, opening portals, sending passed souls to the light, or any of the above.  It’s that the residents, often times with help from a qualified spiritualist, are claiming their space and telling a spirit presence they’re simply no longer welcome and they must move along – they must leave the residence because they don’t have permission to be there anymore.  It’s more akin to closing doors than opening them; marking boundaries and demanding both sides respect them.  I suppose this seems more natural a process to me than opening a doorway to “heaven” for a spirit while we’re here in physical form.  That’s the best way I can explain my hesitancy to believe in the process of sending souls to the light; it’s more natural to claim space here, in this time and space, because we’re living in it and we have an innate understandings of the world around us than we do of the spiritual realm and those aspects of “life beyond death”.

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