My Paranormal Bucket List - Cortijo Jurado

This installment of My Paranormal Bucket List takes us to the breathtaking southern coast of Spain. In the Campanillas Village in the province of Malaga sits Cortijo Jurado. Also known as Casa Encantada, this 19th century mansion has 365 windows, one for each day of the year. It was originally built for the wealthy and prominent Heredia family led by Manuel Agustin Heredia.

The mansion, while beautiful, is reputed to have a very dark and sinister past. Many young girls disappeared from the area in the 1800’s, never to be found. It is widely believed that the Heredia family kidnapped the girls, keeping them in their deep and dark basements, subjecting them to satanic rituals, torture, rape, and eventually murder. When the bodies of five young girls were found on the river nearby, locals claimed the Heredias used an intricate system of tunnels beneath the property to transport the bodies to their final resting place. Though it hasn’t been proven, many believe that some of the bodies are still buried deep within the property.

Widespread claims of paranormal activity only add to Cortijo Jurado’s mystique. There have been reports of sobbing and mysterious voices coming from within the walls, sightings of ghostly apparitions, unexplained balls of light, objects moving on their own, and strange noises.

What unspeakable acts of horror and suffering took place within those walls? Sadly, we may never know the answer. But one thing is for certain – those who met their tragic end at the Cortijo Jurado continue to make their voices heard.

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