Super Saturday Sensitive Sessions

Our Super Saturday Sensitive Sessions were a unique experiment involving footage from locations we; (1) had experiences in, and  (2) in which we collected evidence that led us to believe the environments harbored paranormal activity.   That was a mouthful, I know.  I apologize.  But both aspects are important to know because we took video from those investigations and we played pertinent segments, for participants, in ways that “tested” their personal abilities to read those environments.   It was a heck of a lot of fun, and we learned a lot about how differently each of us perceives our experiences – through the different senses – most specifically, sight and sound.  I used the word “tested” but it wasn’t so much a serious “test” as it was a personal expression for each participant.  They had their own experiences and were encouraged to share their perceptions in a manner that allowed the rest of the group to learn, and understand.  It was a fantastic experiment and we’re looking forward to hosting more Super Saturday Sensitive Sessions in the future.

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