Psychic Night investigation fundraiser

Maine Ghost Hunters is at it again, only this time we were joined by the gifted psychic and sensitive crew from Merkaba Sol!  It was a total group effort to raise money for the Lungs for Shawn, 65 Roses – Cystic Fibrosis – fundraising campaign and the psychics/sensitives really made the night all it could be.  We had, among us, individuals graced with the gifts of mediumship, channeling, tarot reading, table tipping, witchcraft, and so much more.  They let their abilities shine, and they guided those meetup members who were looking for mentors to bounce their own questions off.   It was a great mix of teachers, students, lifelong learners, and spiritual inquisitiveness (what a mouthful!).  ZeroLux Paranormal actually wound up creating 2 really fascinating episodes out of the night’s experiences, and we invite you to watch them to determine if this sort of meetup is something you’d be interested in participating.  Check out the episodes here and here.

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