Psychic and Sensitive Night - 2013

Back by popular request!  It was a psychic/sensitive night to remember!   On this night we were graced by the leadership and mentoring of a diverse group of spiritually gifted individuals – some back for their second consecutive year – who lent their time and expertise for another round of fundraising for the Lungs for Shawn campaign.  Lungs for Shawn is a 65 Roses – cystic fibrosis – fundraising campaign put in place to help Shawn Murphy, a young Augusta, Maine resident who has been living with cystic fibrosis his whole life.   He was put on the transplant list for a double lung transplant, and thus began our serious efforts to help him and his family with the financial hardships associated.  To put things into quick perspective, we were given a rough estimate that the transplant surgery itself would cost roughly $650,000.000 .  This does not include anything before, or after, the surgery takes place.  So, the time these Merkaba Sol psychics and sensitives donated to make this event the success that it was, helped out Shawn in a way that, literally, became a life-saving act.  And the people who participated – who put their faith in the capable hands of these gifted psychics & sensitives – directly contributed 100% of their donations straight into the Lungs for Shawn campaign.   Maine Ghost Hunters donated every penny to Lungs for Shawn, and we’re forever grateful that such a large number of participants found this event worth attending.

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