Merkaba Sol presentation

It always shocks us when we have a presentation and wind up having to bring in more chairs than the “already plenty” we had set up.  And when it becomes “standing room only” we can’t help but be a little flattered.  I mean, could you?  Heck no!  So when we packed Merkaba Sol on a Wednesday night, well, you could have knocked us over with a breath.  We were in awe of how many people stopped by to listen to us talk about what it is Maine Ghost Hunters does for the community.  We reveled in the opportunity to talk about our team, our processes, our fundraising campaigns, and our newest venture – ZeroLux Paranormal.  It was a wonderful experience and we were happy to share.  There was no set “fee” for this presentation but we did accept donations, which we contributed – 100% – immediately, to a representative of the Lungs for Shawn fundraising campaign, who was at the presentation.  We know they think our donations are a gift to them, but really, honestly, and it sounds cheesy, I know it, but -  it’s a huge gift to us to be able to help someone else, and feel good about what we’re doing.  People actually donated money to a SUPER cause, to hear us speak.  How flattering IS that?  Incredibly flattering.  That’s the answer to that overwhelmingly rhetorical question.  It’s incredibly flattering.

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