Bigfoot Hunting in the North Maine Woods

Adventure in the North Maine Woods!  It was a sweltering hot weekend but we didn’t care.  We took to the woods in search of “the great beast” and we couldn’t have had more fun if we tried.  We identified animal tracks, learned how to cast those tracks, and looked for “sign” of wildlife – most importantly, of Bigfoot.  We learned a bit about edible mushrooms and vegetation, scoped out zones big foots could potentially use to hide out, forage for food in, or use as observation points while hunting.  But, probably the best part of the entire weekend was the night time “solo” (more like “trio”) when we were split up into groups and dropped off at remote locations to sit, in the pitch dark, to observe our environment with hopes of having a bigfoot experience of our own.   Want to know the rest of what happened?  Check out the bigfoot episode ZeroLux Paranormal released!

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