BBQ and Paranormal Investigation Fundraiser

Is there a better way to spend a night than investigating a family farm with over 250+ years of solid down-home tradition?  Nope.  There isn’t.  (I have a habit of asking questions and then answering them myself.)  The best part of this evening?  It was a fundraiser for the location owner who had recently begun her journey with the ever-costly life-saving treatment of dialysis. Anyone who knows a thing or two about dialysis knows it’s a life-long decision, unless a transplant takes place, and the costs are simply astronomical.  There’s just no other way to put it.  So it was our pleasure to draw in a crowd and donate all (100%) proceeds collected to the family to help them through this rough time.  As a back story to why this event took place at a private family residence: Maine Ghost Hunters has had a strong working relationship, and friendship, with the family since we first investigated for them back in 2008.  Their home is a place of incredibly interesting paranormal phenomena so they really wanted to share their story & experiences for this fundraising cause.    And, I have to say, the night turned out to be quite fascinating, indeed.  We had all sorts of peculiar experiences, including: ghost box activity, sound responses upon request, visual experiences, and even hardware/equipment mysteriously malfunctioning directly in the vicinity of locations where full-body apparitions were seen.  It was a really fascinating evening!

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