Will the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters Please Stand Up?

I have been interested in the paranormal/supernatural for as long as I  can remember. Although sometimes it seems like the paranormal/supernatural has always been interested in me. My first memory is of a paranormal/supernatural experience! I have always wanted to be a part of a really good paranormal group, but I never dreamed that it could actually happen. Things like that just don’t happen to people like me. One night while online I decided to check if there were any paranormal groups located in Maine. The Maine Ghost Hunters kept showing up. Sometime either in very late 2008 or 2009, I would try to contact this group. I contacted a group who identified themselves as the Maine Ghost Hunters. I spoke to the woman about some of my paranormal experiences throughout the years and then I inquired about joining their group. That’s when things went bad. The woman I had been speaking to got very rude, nasty and condescending. I was really very hurt and very insulted by the way I was treated and spoken to. After that, I never wanted to hear about the Maine Ghost Hunters again!

Then in the middle of October of 2009, I happened upon an article on the front page of weekly community newspaper called the Town Line. The article was about a man (Ray Breton) from Vassalboro who claimed his house was haunted. Not only that, but it said he gave tours of his house (Mill Agent’s House). That’s when I did something completely out of character and immediately called the man (Ray) and booked an evening to take a tour. That one phone call completely changed my life for the better in so many ways!

The night of our tour was on October 14, 2009. I rounded up my mom, my daughter and my two friends Matt and Christa, and we went on the tour. That night was one of the coolest experiences I had up until then! We got to know the man (Ray) during the tour and after the tour we chatted some more. He asked each of us to write down any of our own paranormal experiences we might’ve had that night in order to add them to his Visitor’s Log.  He also asked for copies of anything we might have caught as evidence to also add to his Log. A few weeks later I went back with everyone’s written account of their personal experiences and a disc with some pictures on it. He was especially excited about one picture in particular. So much so, that he asked me for a copy of the picture to take with him for his upcoming taping for the story about his house that was to be on My Ghost Story. I believe this is when  he (Ray) brought up the Maine Ghost Hunters. Of course, I immediately grumbled to him about how rude and mean the woman was from the group. He (Ray) immediately jumped to their defense and insisted that I could not have spoken to the same group, but I insisted that it was. That’s what I had been led to believe during that phone call! He (Ray) really encouraged me to try contacting the Maine Ghost Hunters again. I never did get that one particular picture to him before he left to go shoot the My Ghost Story episode. However, I did finally take his advice and again tried contacting the Maine Ghost Hunters. Well, what a big difference!! He (Ray) was absolutely right about the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters.

I knew immediately after my first contact with the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters that the woman I had spoken to that last time was definitely NOT a member, or even a tiny part of the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters! If he (Ray) hadn’t insisted that the woman I spoke to that first time couldn’t have been a member of the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters and really encouraged me to try to reach them again, I would still be sitting home watching other people on T.V. doing the stuff I’ve always wanted to do! Contacting a group I have already had a bad experience with is another thing that is completely out of character for me too. But instead of just giving up, I finally reached the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters! Of course, I was all ready to join up with this group right away, but they explained their way of bringing in new members. However, I was told that they had public investigations through their MetUp Group. I was ecstatic! My first public investigation with the Maine Ghost Hunters MeetUp Group was at America’s Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire. What a wonderful day we had (I had my mom come with me).  I loved the different types of people I met that day. Everyone ( Maine Ghost Hunters and the other people who were from the public) was so welcoming, helpful and thoughtful. Everyone looked out for each other. I (and my mom) have been on several more public investigations with the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters, as well as a Bigfoot Hunt for a few days. If anybody was a fake or anything like that, they would have shown their true selves on that (Bigfoot Hunt) weekend. It was a super awesome weekend, but put a group of people together all weekend in the sweltering Sun and heat and then the blackflies and other bugs at night….you show your true colors.

Through the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters group I have had some awesome experiences and adventures. I’ve learned a bunch of important investigative techniques from everyone in, or affiliated with, the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters. They’ve even taught me how to use some of my own stuff! I’ve also met some of the coolest, nicest, helpful and caring people ever by participating in the Maine Ghost Hunters MeetUp Group investigations.

Had I not stepped out of my comfort zone and scheduled that tour or tried to contact the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters I ( and my mom) would have missed out on some great experiences. The REAL Maine Ghost Hunters are a bunch of the nicest, helpful, caring and supportive people I have met in a very long time. Not only do they investigate the paranormal, but they are very active in the community. They help the less fortunate, help raise money for sick children, take the time to spend with community children educating them and encouraging them. I feel privileged and lucky to be some small part of the team in some small way. Sincerely,

Christine Coletta

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