3rd Eye Blind

Maine Ghost Hunters is a two-prong-approach paranormal investigation team, with a primary focus being from a skeptic perspective.  Our reason for this approach is simple; anyone can walk into an environment and claim they’re seeing, sensing, hearing, smelling, just about anything they want.  But if we can walk into an environment and actually record and measure phenomena that occurs without reasonable explanation, then we can help our clients understand what is happening in their environment, on their own personal terms.  And really, isn’t that what we should be doing?  Helping clients understand the unusual activity that’s taking place in their environment?

Is this to say Maine Ghost Hunters doesn’t consider the “psychic” approach as having an innate and intrinsic value to the investigation process?  Absolutely not.  It only means that we consider hard evidence – the kind that can be heard, seen, and recorded – to be of a value that would be difficult to argue, and would be more likely to withstand the stresses within the processes and challenges of peer review.

What is the role of the psychic investigator within the matrix of Maine Ghost Hunters?  I’ll first start out by saying Maine Ghost Hunters has seen its fair share of charlatans over the years, and from these experiences we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.  We’ve also had (insert sarcastic tone here, for the duration of this sentiment) “skeptic” approach members who wanted nothing more than to investigate potentially haunted locations from a “scientific perspective” but who suddenly discovered their natural born – hidden all their lives until they joined Maine Ghost Hunters – psychic gifts.   And let me tell you, what a joy it is, for all, when these “gifts” become the uncontrollable force(s) of nature they do.  That said, a genuine psychic investigator is an extremely rare asset to any team, least of all Maine Ghost Hunters.   And to find one who “walks the path” 24/7 in all ways and manner of being, is simply the rarest of all encounters.  There are so many people posing as something they aren’t – and doing a magnanimous job at perpetuating the ruse that their psychic gifts are genuine.  There are those among us who challenge the veracity of these fakes and frauds, and there are those who are willing to believe, for whatever reasoning they convince themselves is worth, that they’re genuinely gifted with that special gift of psychic ability.  Speaking from personal experience I can say, with absolute certainty, you’d be surprised the reasons “frauds” in the psychic community have for doing the things they do – and there are many who walk among us.

So, to answer the original question;  the role of the psychic investigator within the matrix of Maine Ghost Hunters is to appeal to the nature of the paranormal phenomena in ways the skeptic approach simply cannot address.  Whether it’s to interact with it, engage it, or to simply observe and report it, the role of psychic investigator is extremely specified, and when it’s needed it’s of paramount importance.

All of this said, in the arena of psychic/sensitive approaches, Maine Ghost Hunters has great faith in our spiritual team lead.  His insight, processes, and approach toward the spiritual realm, in general, is a unique force our skeptic core respects quite deeply.

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