I'm Tired. Let's Investigate!

The scene is set, you’re at home and have all your gear packed for tonight’s investigation.  You’re ready.  You couldn’t *be* more ready.  You’ve checked and double checked everything.  You have your team t-shirt on, you’ve got your safety gear, let’s roll.   You get to the investigation environment, do a walk through, set up your equipment, and just as you’re about to investigate – !bam! it hits you -  you’re exhausted.  What gives?

How many of you have experienced this?  The most interesting aspect of this physical phenomena is after you leave the investigation environment you’re fine.  You regain all of your energy and you’re ready to roll again.  Frustrating?  Yeah.  Interesting?  Absolutely.  So why does this happen?  Was it due to spirit activity?

I can tell you there are plenty of normal, scientifically based, physical reasons this could be happening.  First, you could have psyched yourself up too much, stressed yourself out without knowing it (because you were so excited! who wouldn’t be?) and your body crashed after you reached your destination; which was actually starting the investigation.  It’s understandable.   Another reason could be you forgot to hydrate during the day, throughout the hustle and bustle of mentally preparing yourself and physically packing your gear.  Heck, maybe you didn’t get much sleep the night before because you were so excited about tonight’s ghost hunt.  All of these things are completely normal and in some cases, expected.  I’ve been on investigations and have experienced, and have seen others mention they were experiencing, such things as; dry mouth, feeling hot, feeling cold (needing a sweatshirt or jacket when no one else did), becoming extremely giddy, being unusually tired (falling asleep), becoming uncharacteristically excited and hyper, among other “out of the usual” personal states of being.

The question on everyone’s mind is probably, what’s the possibility it’s caused by a spirit presence?  My answer is, while it’s certainly possible, unless you’re channeling a spirit that’s expressing these specific needs or desires, chances are it’s not spiritually related at all.  Some of us are naturally able to channel spirits, this is undeniable, however, if channeling was taking place there would very likely be more of an obvious cue.  If you’ve ever been in the presence of a psychic medium who actively channels spirits you’d understand that sentiment on a more significant level.  But for now, let me just say that experiencing certain, seemingly, physical reactions during an investigation is generally quite normal and if you know you’re prone to these types of episodes, you should have plenty of time to prepare for the next time you find yourself plagued by whatever takes your mind off the task at hand.

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