'Finding Bigfoot' in MidCoast Maine?

No, not really.  Looks like someone was using Craigslist in November of 2013 to con Mainers into thinking ‘Finding Bigfoot’ was making the trip to the great Northeast sometime in late 2013, early 2014.  That said, it’s not a totally misleading title, as there have been plenty of interesting Bigfoot sightings across the state over the past few years, including here in the midcoast region.  There are a few interesting Maine sightings reported on the BFRO website (BFRO is the Finding Bigfoot crew) but rumor has it there are no reports allowed on this organization’s site which indicate an association with other unusual phenomena, most specifically the correlation between UFO related incidents and the proximity in distance and timing to that that of bigfoot sightings.   Honestly speaking, this has to put witnesses to those 2 phenomena in an awkward place, as the correlation between bigfoot/UFO incidents isn’t minute enough to negate.  There are simply too many people who have observed the 2-types of incidents within pertinent time frames to consider they aren’t related, and from a standpoint here in the midcoast region, I have to say, there’s a possibility this area of Maine may be in one of those types of hot zones.  The MUFON database contains eye witness accounts of UFO activity in the midcoast region over the past few years, and enough to consider there may be something to the claims.  My stance on all of this?  For every 1 eye witness account which is reported to an online database, think of how many are not reported.  And if you’re dealing with a database as biased as the BFRO database, which disallows reports that contain any sort of alternative paranormal phenomena in association with bigfoot sighings – UFO sightings, in particular – then you’re probably going to find yourself considering there is a fairly large number of unrecorded sightings few people will ever have access to.

If you’re interested in checking out the BFRO website and the MUFON website for eye witness reports, click the links below:

BFRO – http://www.bfro.net/GDB/state_listing.asp?state=me
MUFON – http://www.mufon.com/mufonreports.html

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