Can You Hear Me Now?

Anyone who has participated in a paranormal investigation knows how frustrating they can be. You arrive with a plethora of equipment – digital recorders, video cameras, EMF detectors, spirit boxes, and so on. You sit in the dark for hours, asking questions to the air and staring at your equipment hoping for a response. Sometimes exciting things happen – disembodied voices, unexplained noises, EMF spikes, etc. But sometimes, it seems nothing at all is happening. The haunted location you have heard so much about seems to be quiet and uninhabited.  

It is at those times that I begin to ponder. While I can’t hear voices or see any visual evidence, that doesn’t mean I am alone. Is there a spirit standing right in front of me answering my questions and getting frustrated that I can’t hear the responses? Are they desperately screaming at me, waving their hands, or touching me while I experience nothing? Can you imagine how infuriating that must be? 

It is a widely held belief that different spirits have different levels of energy and abilities. Some either have enough strength of their own, or they can use the energy around them to make themselves known. It stands to reason that there are many, many more who are unable to communicate vocally or physically. How frustrating and depressing that must be. My hope for them is that they someday find their voice…..and we are there to hear it.

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