My Paranormal Bucket List: The Kennesaw House

The Kennesaw House was built in the 1840’s in Marietta, Georgia. It was originally built as a cotton warehouse, but with its prime real estate next to the railroad, it was quickly converted to a restaurant. In 1855, it was bought by the Fletchers and became an inn, the Fletcher House. The Fletchers, Union sympathizers, often used the inn to shelter soldier and spies. During the war, it was used as a makeshift hospital and morgue. Tragically, fire destroyed the fourth floor of the building, and it was reopened in 1867 with only three floors. The Kennesaw House is now the site of the Marietta Museum of History.

With such a colorful past, it is not surprising that the Kennesaw House is said to be haunted. Several people have reported the elevator doors opening to the shocking scene of a crowded hospital, complete with doctors, blood, and the screams of the suffering.

One of the elevators behaves oddly. On its own, the elevator engages and travels to the third floor, its doors open and close, and it returns to the lower level. This only happens when the building is empty, never when visitors or employees are present.

The Kennesaw House has a healthy share of apparitions as well. It has been reported that ghostly images have been caught on the Kennesaw House’s security cameras as well as visitor photos. One of the most commonly seen is that of a Civil War uniformed surgeon. He is often spotted riding the elevator. Another apparition, one seen almost exclusively by children, is that of a woman in an old dress with pink or peach trim. After some children viewed a portrait of Mrs. Fletcher, they confirmed she was the woman they had encountered.

By all accounts, the Kennesaw House’s spirits are definitely active ones. Those walls have seen – and most likely absorbed – the pain, suffering, and trauma of war. It appears that at least one surgeon is still at work, riding the elevator, and tending to his injured patients even after all these years. And, based on the children’s reports, Mrs. Fletcher is still watching over her inn….and them.

A fascinating history, spine-chilling reports of apparitions and paranormal activity….the Kennesaw House is definitely a place I would love to visit and investigate.

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