My Paranormal Bucket List - Gwydir Castle

If you know me at all, you know I am a sucker for castles. The majesty, the architecture, the beauty, the history… just fascinates me. Today  I will tell you about another castle I have added to my paranormal bucket list – the regal Gwydir Castle.

Gwydir Castle is a fortified Tudor manor house located in the Vale of Conwy in Northern Wales. It was originally built on a much smaller scale and owned by Hywel Coetmore in the 14th century. Just before 1500, it was purchased by the powerful Wynn baronet family and rebuilt. Gwydir Castle has hosted many visiting  royals through the years, including King Charles, King George V, Queen Mary, and the Duke and Duchess of York.

From the landscape to the castle itself, Gwydir is a thing of beauty. But beauty isn’t the only thing to be found within its historic walls.

Stories of ghosts haunting the castle date all the way back to the 1800’s. The most famous haunting is that of a young woman in a white or gray dress in the north wing. The woman’s presence is accompanied by the putrid smell of death and decay. The tale of this woman’s death is tragic and disturbing one. Sir John Wynn seduced this woman, a serving maid for the castle, and she became pregnant. Sir John then murdered the poor girl and stuffed her dead body in a small chamber in the wall near the chimney breast, an area referred to as the “priest’s hole.” It is the stench of her rotting body that can still be smelled today when her spirit is near. People also report sudden drops in temperature and being touched on the shoulder. Sir John Wynn, her cold-blooded murderer, has also been spotted numerous times, most often on the spiral staircase.

These two spirits are not alone at Gwydir. Apparitions of a woman in Elizabethan dress, a monk, and even a ghost dog have been seen repeatedly throughout the years. The bones of a dog were found in the cellar of the castle in the 1990’s, possibly explaining the ghostly canine presence.

It is not unusual to hear crying children at the castle, children that can be heard but not seen. Who they are or what makes them cry remains a mystery. There are also stories of a torch-lit ghost procession making its way through the terrace at night, a sight that must be mind-blowing to witness.

From the beauty of the Welsh countryside to the rich history to the paranormal activity, Gwydir Castle would be an amazing place to visit. Throw in a chance to investigate and possibly interact with some of these spirits, and it would be a dream come true.


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