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My Paranormal Bucket List - Gwydir Castle

From the landscape to the castle itself, Gwydir is a thing of beauty. But beauty isn’t the only thing to be found within its historic walls.

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The Exeter Incident

One of my favorite extremely well-documented and investigated UFO case’s occurred in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1965. This case would make a huge impact on Ufology, and mainstream media as well. The Exeter events would be chronicled in an excellent book by investigative writer John G. Fuller, titled, “Incident at Exeter.” Look magazine also ran a two-part series on the events, bringing the case to the minds of millions of people.

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Shaman Petroglyphs of Maine

There are over 500 petroglyphs at nine sites in Machias Bay in Maine. All were made between 380 and 3,000 years ago. According to Mark Hedden, an archaelogist for the Maine State Historical Commission, they are the work of tribal Shamans (medicine men) of the Passamaquoddy Tribe and may represent an evolution of the public performances of the interaction between shaman and spirit.

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