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The Tale of the Ghostly Bride

Untimely death, a broken heart, a ghost that appears as real as you or I…..really, what more could you want in a good ghost story? But is it just a story – a legend – or could it be something more?

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Derry, NH's "The Derry Fairy"

The story first told of an unnamed man who, on Dec. 15, 1956, went out into the woods of Derry, NH to harvest Christmas trees. The woodsman looked up from his work and was startled to see something staring silently back at him. It was, to his amazement, a little green critter that stood only about 2 feet tall.

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The Mythology of May Day

Beltane is considered one of the most important of the ancient holidays. It’s history goes back further than records exist. It is a time for renewal, regrowth and fertility – for the land, livestock, wild animals, and humankind. It welcomes summer, the awakening of the earth and personal growth. The holiday begins at sundown on April 30th and continues through sundown on May first. However, due to calendar changes over the centuries, in years past, it was actually celebrated several days later allowing for more plants to be in bloom. Celebrations of this holiday are held as late as May 5th.

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What Is Haunted?

Perhaps the question we should be asking is not “What is haunted?” but “What is NOT haunted?”

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