Poltergeist: the noisy ghost in you

So, who here knows what a poltergeist is?  I bet you’ve heard the definition “poltergeist: german for ‘noisy ghost’” time and time again, right?  Me too – but here’s the thing – the term “poltergeist” is a really loose term which involves the movement of physical objects by an unseen force, and that force can originate from anywhere.  So my next question is, if you’ve ever run across a client case with poltergeist activity, how do you approach it?

My take on poltergeist activity is that the topic is a very misunderstood one within the community of paranormal, and its roots lay more heavily in the psychologic arena (for the clients) than the spiritual.  Poltergeist activity is one of those exciting types of cases lots of groups can’t wait to get their hands on so taking the proper steps to determine what type of “poltergeist activity” is actually present is a process often skipped.  If there are physical objects being moved by an unseen force, it must be spirit activity!  … Not exactly.

Poltergeist activity, while often attributed to young children going through puberty, can actually affect people at any age of life.  This fact is a reinforcing statement regarding the power of the human psyche.  There have been multiple, fairly recent (within the past 30 years), documented cases of adult subjects who have been victimized by the unknown/unseen power of their mind(s).  Their moods were often defining measures for how heavy, or light, the activity would be during any given encounter, and many, if not all, had no idea they could actually be the cause of their torment.

By all rights, poltergeist activity is one of the more fascinating subjects of “parapsychology” and should, absolutely, never be looked at with a single, or even dual possibility, mindset.  If poltergeist activity is present, the case is likely a very involved one, and should be considered for the complexities the investigation team has yet to discover until the facts of the case are presented over time.

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