No, spirits and apparitions don't float…

I can’t tell you how many times I read, back in the day, about witness accounts of observing floating spirits.  The emotional drama from these accounts was usually quite moving, and through the reading of the various testimonies it became clear to me that these observers were nearly traumatized by the events, having no real way to comprehend how such a thing was possible so, therefore, the event must have been far more paranormal than any they had ever encountered before.  Not only that, but more ‘paranormal’ than most people will ever experience in their lifetime.  A spirit, floating above their heads, in plain sight for anyone to see.  Spirits with special abilities to defy gravity, making a statement that their powers in the afterlife are more significant than we could ever imagine while we’re alive, and they’re to be feared because, let’s face it, they can fly!

Right?  Not exactly.  See, there are 2 ‘major’ types of hauntings; residual and intellectual, and while they may seen straight forward from the get-go, this isn’t always the case.  But, for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say that we’re talking about a straightforward case of “residual haunting” when we take the account of “floating spirits” into account.

Floating spirits, or spirits that are seen with half their bodies cut off, as if their torso is what they’re walking on (no legs visible at all) are very likely residual presences presenting themselves as they would have if the building you’re observing them in, was in the same condition it was when the spirit was alive.  Buildings go through a lot of transformations over time, and sometimes this means 2nd floors are ripped out making the first floor ceiling extremely high.  If a spirit energy was to manifest itself on that 2nd floor, which is no longer there, it would appear as though the spirit is floating or flying.  It’s not.  The spirit energy is nothing more than an imprint left on the environment – this “spirit” will never communicate or react to anyone or anything in this current environment/space/time because it’s not intelligent, it’s just an image of a person, when the person was alive, and it’s stuck on “replay”.  The sheer sight of an apparition doing its business in a fashion that makes it appear as though it’s floating or flying can really take a person by surprise, and it wouldn’t be unusual for a person who doesn’t understand the difference between “residual” and “intellectual” hauntings to experience fear of the situation.   The same goes for spirits that appear to missing parts of their lower body, like their feet or parts of their legs.   If the first floor of a building is raised, say 3 or 4 feet, and a residual haunting is taking place on the first floor, it may appear as though the apparition is cut off at the legs.  This wouldn’t be true.  What this spirit experienced as “the first floor” in their lifetime, is now 3 of 4 feet under the floor people are currently standing on.

It just goes to show us that paranormal isn’t a story always told at first sight, and some things are more frightening when taken out of context.  If we apply reason and logic to unusual situations we may still have the unusual there, but we may be able to explain why it is the way it is.

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