If I wasn't a Maine Ghost Hunter…

Hi. My name is Kat and I’m a Maine Ghost Hunter.  Duh, I’m sure you probably already knew that, so why don’t I tell you something you may not already know about me.  Maybe this will help you understand my perspective on all things “unusual” or “out of the range of normal”.

Truth is, if I wasn’t a Maine Ghost Hunters member my life would have this gaping hole in it, and I’d always be looking for something to fill the void.  Thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that problem, huh?  However, for the sake of this blog entry, let’s play the “what if Kat wasn’t a Maine Ghost Hunter?” game.

If I wasn’t a Maine Ghost Hunters team member I can say with perfect certainty I’d be involved in the hunt for other sorts of life’s mysteries, and my first choice (after ghost hunting, of course) would be the search for Bigfoot.  Bigfoot has my attention.  It always has.  Ever since I caught a glimpse of the Patterson Gimlin footage when I was a kid, Bigfoot has had my attention.  I’d think about weird things out in the woods, and would spend time looking for unusual sights and unusual ‘things’ that people shouldn’t expect to see because such things weren’t supposed to exist.  Yet, there were stories.  It seemed like everyone knew someone who had a story.  And, even though I grew up reading as many books on the subject of straight-up parapsychology as I could get my hands on, I also had a penchant for reading about the big ‘Hairy Man’.

And, for my next choice of interest, I’d have to say – hands down – UFO’s.  I’ve also always had a weird fascination with unidentified flying objects, and have sky-watched since I was a child. I’ve had a few experiences from when I was kid throughout my adult life, and I have to be honest when I say, I’m willing to admit that my mind may have stretched or exaggerated certain childhood memories and events when recalled, since they happened such a long time ago, but the most recent event is something I remember as plain as day – and if ever there was a time I could say with absolute definition, “that was a bona fide UFO” it was an event which took place only a few short years ago.  Nothing man made can move that fast from a completely stand-still position, and I didn’t view this event through the eyes of child.  I saw what I saw and my husband was with me.  And to make things more interesting, I viewed it for such a long period of time, having thought nothing unusual was actually happening during the time I was looking at it, I actually ‘tested’ my environment to fully appreciate the experience.  See, I thought I was looking at a helicopter in the dark night’s sky. I thought this helicopter had a spotlight shining down on the woods behind my house.  I opened my truck window to show my husband how loud the coast-guard helicopters that fly over the house during the daytime hours are, so he could appreciate how disruptive the event is.  It’s something I had mentioned to him numerous times before this UFO event took place, which is why I naturally thought the stand-still object floating in the sky was a helicopter.  But when I rolled down my window I heard absolutely nothing.  And when it took off, it sped away so fast – from a completely still position – it seemed like it left an orange streak in the sky.  It was an unbelievable sight that left us somewhat speechless.

UFO’s have my attention, and their possible connection to Bigfoot is something that fascinates me to no end.

There is also another subject which peaks my interest, but which isn’t necessarily something I can say I’d dive headfirst into, simply because of the nature of the subjects which fall under the umbrella of the topic header – and that’s “Cryptozoology”.  Now, I understand Bigfoot may – and likely does – fall into this category, but the things that concern me the most would be mostly related to insects and snakes, and things of that nature.  I’m interested in discovering the mysteries that are all around us in life, but not incredibly interested in that which science can explain away so easily.  If there’s a cryptozoologic specimen out there, biology will have its way with it.  But Bigfoot, right now, is shrouded in countless mysteries, including those which purport it to be an “inter-dimensional being” or a being which is very closely associated with UFO activity.  What a sheer disappointment it will be to learn that Bigfoot is simply a currently unknown specie just like every other before it.  Having no special gifts previously unseen in any other life form, and no connection to something greater and even more misunderstood.  The mystery is what drives my interest, and these 2 subjects have plenty of it; Bigfoot and UFOs.

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