Chupacbra, what's your deal?

If there’s one paranormal subject that drives me batty, it’s the Chupacabra.  I don’t think mainstream media can decide if they want this “thing” to be a 4 legged dog-like animal, or a 2-legged drooling toothy gremlin looking animal.   I’ve seen photos of all manner of unusual “Chupacabra” and I have to tell you, the ones that looked the same, looked like hairless dogs to me.  And the ones that look different than those hairless dogs didn’t look anything at all like a hairless dog.  When I look at these completely differing visuals of what are supposed to be representations of Chupacabra I immediately have so many questions in my head I can’t get anything out.  My thoughts get bottlenecked, and I’m rendered speechless.

Another thing that drives me bonkers is how it’s said that Chupacabra attack small farm animals by sucking all of the blood from the victim’s body through 2 precise holes it makes in its victim which, to me, is eerily similar to how cattle are “drained of blood” in what most people believe to be UFO/Alien type events, rightfully named “cattle mutilations”.  Chupacabra, loosely translated, means “goat sucker”.  I consider a goat to be a somewhat mid-sized farm animal, but tomayto-tomahto, right?  I nit-pick because it seems as though there are people who believe it’s not large enough to attack bigger sized farm animals, which is why it’s primarily known for predating on smaller types.  But, on the other hand, there are those who think it may be small in stature but has the ability to do severe damage to larger prey, given the characteristics of it’s own physical structure.

Some of the earliest reported “Chupacabra” events were based around the killings of small birds, like chickens, hens, roosters, and animals of that size but due to the common characteristics of the mutilated bodies it was determined that the Chupacabra could actually be responsible for the killings of larger animals like horses, cows and goats.  The similarities in all of the victims were the puncture holes in the bodies, and the blood having been drained (entirely), apparently from those same holes. At first, the killings appeared random and satanic in nature, but as word got out and spread from town to town, region to region, and even country to country, it became more apparent this activity wasn’t necessarily human-based.  This led to the search for an animal that could predate in the ways I’ve mentioned here.

Is the “chupacabra” fact, or fiction?  Is it a creature of extra-terrestrial origin, as some think, or is it a currently unknown species of animal?  Or is it a known species behaving in this bizarre manner because of some sort of illness or deformity?  One thing is for certain, there are many possibilities and very few have much in common with each other.  People who have claimed to witness the Chupacabra can’t even determine similar characteristics between their renditions of what they witnessed.  Some say it has hair, some say it doesn’t.  Some say it walks on all four feet, others say it’s a bipedal creature.  Honestly, if we had a starting point with a solid number of very similar witness accounts we might be able to make progress on what the Chupacabra really is, but for now all we have to go on are varying reports of a possible unknown creature, and that, quite frankly, is what confuses me the most about where to begin in the search and study of the elusive and mysterious – Chupacabra.

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