My Paranormal Bucket List - Hotel Boulderado

Our next stop has us heading west to Boulder, Colorado. Known for its natural beauty, Boulder is also home to one of my bucket list destinations.

The Hotel Boulderado first opened its doors on New Year’s Day in 1909. It was cleverly named Boulderado for Boulder, Colorado, ensuring guests never forget its location. Over the years, the regal hotel has hosted a wealth of dignitaries and celebrities, including Helen Keller, Douglas Fairbanks, Louis Armstrong, and Robert Frost.

The hotel, known for its beauty and luxury, has seen its share of tragedy as well. It is reported that there have been at least 2 suicides as well as several deaths by natural causes. One of the most well-known deaths occurred in 1924. While his wife relaxed in the bath, a man committed suicide by using chloroform. When his wife came upon him, heartbroken and devastated, she tried to kill herself using what was left of the chloroform. She was unsuccessful in her attempt and survived.

It’s no surprise that the Boulderado is known far and wide for its hauntings. Guests and staff alike tell tales of paranormal encounters and experiences. The apparition of a woman in a white dress. Unusual mist-like forms. Doors that open and close by themselves. Unexplained voices and sounds. Televisions and other electrical appliances that turn off and on by themselves. Odd sensations and even physical touches. The Boulderado appears to be a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Are the ghosts of the Boulderado victims of suicide, tragedy, and untimely death? Or are they ghosts of former guests who have chosen to spend their afterlife years in the hotel they loved so dearly in life? One thing is for certain….sometimes guests check in, but they never check out.


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