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My Paranormal Bucket List - UAA's Wendy Williamson Auditorium

Add these amazing encounters to a myriad of unexplained events – flying objects, exploding lights, water and lights that turn on by themselves, disembodied voices, shadow figures, etc – and you have what appears to be an extremely active paranormal location.

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Bigfoot: A Moral Dilemma?

The fracture is clear; to kill or not to kill? That is the question.

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Why don't spirits …

If spirits “can” why don’t they?

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Poltergeist: the noisy ghost in you

Ever stop and wonder about the gray area in the definition of the term “poltergeist” and what it may mean to you, if you’re a paranormal investigator?

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Does this spirit smell stale to you?

Phantom smells. What say you?

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Investigations... 'In my skin'...

Everybody has their own personal experiences while investigating paranormal – here are some of mine.

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If I wasn't a Maine Ghost Hunter…

If I wasn’t a Maine Ghost Hunter, what would have my attention?

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No, spirits and apparitions don't float…

If you base what you know about spirits on old books, cartoons, and media that exaggerate the abilities of a spirit, you may well think they float, fly, or glide from place to place. However, unless a spirit could do all of those things while alive, chances are they aren’t doing them in the afterlife.

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I Feel Your Pain ...

MGH is a skeptic-approach team. We aren’t interested in what people think they “feel” at investigations, unless it’s actual physical contact. Perception can’t be scientifically proven, can’t be measured, and can’t be weighed against an accepted standard among those studying paranormal activity, because there is no standard in the area of “ESP”. MGH investigators abide by this team protocol naturally, because we know “personal experiences” and “personal perceptions” bring nothing of substance for our clients, or for our collected data.

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Chupacbra, what's your deal?

Chupacabra, forever pegged as the “goat sucker”. But what’s your opinion?

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