The Art of Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings – ever have one?   There was a time in my life when I found the art of tarot card reading so intriguing I simply had to try it out for myself.  I got my own deck and I played around with the cards, and the definitions and the meanings, and all the everything’s that were written about what each card meant when it was pulled.  But, I have to be honest, memorizing that stuff didn’t bring much to the “tarot card reading” experience and so it didn’t hold my attention for too long.  Flash forward a few years, when I ran across a deck of cards with different works of art used to visually display each of the cards and the story changed.  It was like a whole new experience.  It was, literally, as if I could read the description of what each card was supposed to mean, and in looking at the card I could instantly attribute the symbolism to that meaning, and never forget it.  The artist had driven home the meaning of each card within the depicted scene(s), so well, I was completely enamored, and as a result a more empathic edge began to reveal itself.  Simply fascinating in all respects, at the time.  Nowadays, I’m not so much into the tarot card scene, but I’m still affectionately entranced by the artwork of the cards, if the artist’s vision hits me just right.  And when that happens, trust me when I say, I can get lost in a deck of cards quicker than you may imagine.  My first deck was the classic Rider-Waite, but I have to say, there are so many variations of tarot cards available today, I’m not sure I could tell you which is my favorite.  I think if I was asked the question, I’d have to respond with “I can’t tell you that.  I haven’t seen them all”.  And that’s the honest to goodness truth.

Adding a bit of a personal anecdote here, I will say that my last tarot reading revealed a very interesting situation.   I have a relative who gives tarot readings so I asked for a quick reading, and in the course of whatever layout was presented I wondered how random the presentation of these cards really is.  So when the reading was done I asked for the cards to be reshuffled, mixed up, shuffled again, split, and resorted – you’re probably getting the picture here.  And when the cards were laid out, in the same pattern as before, just about every single one of the major arcana cards was pulled, and each landed in the same spot as they did the time before.   Now, I know you may say “well, the cards will land that way if you pull one in the right spot, then the others will naturally fall into the same place because they’re all in order”.  But I’m telling you, seriously, I went out of my way to sort these cards out, mix them up and really shuffle them well.  At one point, the cards were strewn all over the table – covering the top of the table, and then put together in a random pile.  And when the cards were chosen, they weren’t chosen in a row, one after the other.  They were chosen from a fanned out presentation.  I chose “one from here, one from over here, this one from under here, this other one from way over here”.  I mean, the way I pulled all of the same major arcana cards, and a majority of them landed in the same exact spot … it bewildered me.   Enough so that I’m writing this blog entry about it many months later!

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