How To Make a Latex Mold-Part 2

This is the second step to making our latex mold to reproduce the Lynx track we made casts of. In this part we will prepare the cast to accept the latex.

For this step we will need a few supplies, some you might have laying around the house. We will need a board or a piece of glass that is at least 2 inches bigger than our cast. If you are using wood you will need to cover it with wax paper so the latex won’t stick to it if you are using glass this is not a concern. We will also need some modeling clay to seal our cast down to our working platform. The last 2 items we will need can be purchase at just about any craft store, sealer to seal the porous plaster and a mold release spray so our latex will not stick to our cast.

Take a look at this video and I will walk you through the process of preparing the cast so we can start building our latex mold.


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