How To Make a Latex Mold

Welcome to Tech Talk. This video blog is part 1 of 4 on how to make a latex mold of a plaster cast. In part 1 you will see how we made our original plaster castings of lynx prints we found while searching for Bigfoot in northern Maine. Lynx are rare in Maine and we were excited to find some really nice example of lynx prints so we decided to make plaster casting of them with guidance fro Team Taser. In order to preserve our original castings and share them with the group I needed to make a latex mold so we can pour some plaster reproductions to give out to members that went with us on thisĀ  adventure.

Part 2 will show you the preparation that needs to be done to the cast before the mold making process begins.

Part 3 will be the application of the latex to produce our mold.

Part 4 show you how to make a plaster base to hold the mold in its original shape as we make reproductions of our lynx prints

Although this is not very technical, actually a very simple process, it was a lot of fun and if you ever get the chance to go out and make your own castings then maybe these videos will help guide you.

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