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How To Make a Latex Mold-Part 2

This is the second step to making our latex mold to reproduce the Lynx track we made casts of. In this part we will prepare the cast to accept the latex.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Alcatraz

Take the country’s most horrific and dangerous criminals, and put them together in one place. Add mental illness, violence, and death, and you have the perfect formula for residual, and maybe even intelligent, hauntings.

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Poltergeist Activity

According to the literature on the subject, poltergeist activity can be traced all the way back beyond 530 AD, appearing over a large cross section of cultures and generally exhibiting the same characteristics. But what is a poltergeist? The term poltergeist, which actually means noisy spirit, was first coined by the Germans. A name attributed to the phenomena before the nineteenth century, when an alternative basis of the disturbance was hitherto unknown. Given the rudimentary understanding of the time and lacking the technology that we currently have today, the unknown disturbances were quickly attributed to demons, spirits, ghosts or gremlins.

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How To Make a Latex Mold

Welcome to Tech Talk. This video blog is part 1 of 4 on how to make a latex mold of a plaster cast. In part 1 you will see how we made our original plaster castings of lynx prints we found while searching for Bigfoot in northern Maine.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - El Museo de las Momias

Rumors of being buried alive. Painful, struggling deaths. Bodies exhumed from their graves – their final resting places – and displayed for all to see. Are these spirits truly at rest? Or are they still wandering those museum halls, searching for the eternal peace they have not yet found?

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The Sensitivity of Animals

There is great debate between devoted pet owners and the scientific community whether animals have psychic abilities or are very sensitive to their environment. There are many stories that are commonly told such as the cat that jumps up on the windowsill everyday just before the owner comes home, or the dog that barks just before the telephone rings. The beloved pet that somehow becomes lost on the family trip, miraculously finds its way home, travelling hundreds of km/s over along period of time, and animals that can sense storms or earth quacks before they happen.

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Cemetery Musings: Strange Dates

While walking through old cemeteries, or even new ones, I am always interested in the dates. How old was the person when they died? What time period did they live in? One day I stumbled upon a date that baffled me.

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