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Archive for January 2013

What Is Real?

We, as paranormal investigators, search high and low, in the dark, in the cold, trying to capture evidence of the unexplained. But what if some of the dead are far more visible than we ever imagined?

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Scientific Vs. ?

One of the most used catch phrases you will see in the mission statement of a paranormal group is “we are a scientific based group.” What does this statement mean? Is there any other way to investigate paranormal activity?

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Cemetery Musings: Coins

Have you ever noticed, when walking through a cemetery, that people often leave tokens on the headstones of their loved ones? The items vary and include photos, letters, toys, trinkets, statues, stones and coins. After a little research I found a reason, besides personal ones, for one of the items…coins.

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University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies Research Children and Claims of Reincarnation

I often find myself looking into the latest research on the paranormal by Universities. Universities have means that a lot of paranormal groups don’t have, and I’m always curious to see how the science of the paranormal is changing or not changing. One recent research endeavor brought me to the University of Virginia’s Division of Perpetual Studies research on children and claims of reincarnation. I found it fascinating! Here is their explanation of their study…

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The Lost Souls of the Old City Orphanage

I hope and pray that these children can someday move on and find the happiness and peace they were not allowed during their tragically short lifetimes. Rest in peace, little ones….

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Happy New Year

It is now the year 2013 and 2012 is just a memory, but what a great memory it is. Maine Ghost Hunters Meet Up group went to 11 locations throughout 3 states traveling over 2000 miles to explore cemeteries, historical sites, hiking trails with hideouts for murderers and haunted woods. We even searched for the allusive Bigfoot. There were some really great moments in 2012.

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Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl”

For me fairy tales are where our reality and the paranormal become one in the same. No where is this more true than with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. Once you’ve read his New Year’s story of “The Little Match Girl”, you will begin to understand what I mean…

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Cemetery Musings: Pet Cemetery

A musing is defined in the dictionary as “a product of contemplation; a thought”. As I wander through cemeteries, I am often thinking about the stones above the ground and the individuals that lie beneath. Why that epitaph, that symbol, that style of writing? These are just some of the “cemetery musings” that cross my mind.

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