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Just One Wish....

If I could have just one wish this holiday season, I would wish for a few precious moments in which our worlds – the world of the living and the world of the afterlife – could come together.

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Pet Cemetery

When we have a little free time Teresa and I tend to jump in the truck and go out looking for cemeteries. It’s not often that you get a 45 degree sunny day in December so we took full advantage of the day and visited 3 cemeteries. We never knew these cemeteries were there even though I have driven by them thousands of times. The Last stop of the day was a Pet cemetery one of only two in Maine that I could find that was made for pets only. It was a great experience so I wanted to share it with all of you.

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Cemetery Musings: Cedar Trees

A musing is defined in the dictionary as “a product of contemplation; a thought”. As I wander through cemeteries, I am often thinking about the stones above the ground and the individuals that lie beneath. Why that epitaph, that symbol, that style of writing? These are just some of the “cemetery musings” that cross my mind.

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Angels of Christmas

Angels form a significant part of Christmas legends. In Greek, the word ‘angel’ means messengers. In the popular Christmas stories, angels are the messengers of God, who played a prominent part in the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. They are personified as heavenly creatures with a pair of wings and a halo. The wings symbolize immortality, virtue, peace, love, cleanliness and innocence, while the halo is the symbol of their native to heaven. Many fairy tales and bedtime stories are centered on them and their good deeds done to humankind. Read on to know more about Christmas angels.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - The White House

No wonder President Harry S. Truman noted in a 1946 diary entry, “Damn place is haunted sure as shootin’.” Well said, Mr. Truman, well said.

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The Ghost's of Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, author of the classic novel, A Christmas Carol, died before completing his final novel in 1870. The Mystery of Edwin Drood was being published in installments. Some speculate that Dickens maintained his loyalty to his readers post mortem by finishing his novel through a medium in Brattleborro,Vermont.

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Perspectives in Para-media: Haunted Encounters - Face to Face

…While real-world ghost hunters know that investigations are all-too-often lonely affairs of talking to oneself in the dark of the night, with paltry evidence to show for it, one would never know it from watching these para-reality shows…

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Tech Talk - Sony HDR CX-560

I would like to introduce you to the Sony HDR CX-560 Camcorder with night-vision.

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Written in Stone: Meet the Carvers – Noah Pratt, Jr.

Noah Pratt, Jr. was a third generation carver from Massachusetts. He followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and father along with two of his brothers and then passed the craft down to one of his sons. This generation of carvers was part of the shift from winged skulls and/or faces to other styles that happened in the late 1700’s. They were among the first to use realistic faces and figures.

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