Psychic Attacks - Understanding and Stopping Them

This blog is for those who are serious about their personal or spiritual growth and would like to learn to protect themselves from psychic energy attacks (referred to as psychic attack) from other people. In this article we’ll describe the various kinds of psychic attack you may encounter and teach you how to defend any attacks that come your way.

Psychic Attacks come in many forms; from the mild attacks where the person may not know they are even drawing your energy or sending you negative ‘vibes’ – to the sustained death attack by one or more people connected to the dark force.

Firstly, however, it is important to clarify that you are not expected to live in a vacuum with only people of light and love. This serves no purpose even if it was possible! Negative and lower vibrations are like a soup on the planet’s surface engulfing everyone unable to rise above the density of fear and negativity.

Many people are temporarily or permanently focused on negative thoughts and emotions – fears, ill will, anger, and desire for vengeance or hatred towards an individual or group. Excessive desires for wealth/personal power as well as fears of scarcity, abandonment and inherent unworthiness issues can also create havoc in an individual’s life and leave them vulnerable to interfering entitles and destructive energies.

We all give off emotion – we ‘feel’ love sent from another, sometimes even across the miles.  Any strong emotion will travel between people on the energetic planes of existence – both light (love) and dark (negative) energies.

People can also become involved with interfering entities, such as ghosts, aliens and dark beings.  You may discover that some people invoke dark powers to achieve nefarious ends; such a ‘black witch’, that is a male or female person who consciously calls forth the dark force. However most people who become susceptible to interfering entitles do so without their mental mind being aware or conscious of the events.

Much New Age and religious talk suggests that there are no such things as non-spiritual beings or a series of destructive beings known as the dark force. Others insist that one is automatically protected from any and all negative energies by calling oneself a light worker, by acting loving towards others, by surrounding oneself in ‘white light’ or by wearing a protective crystal or a protective color such as gold, violet or blue clothing.

Interfering entitles and destructive non-spiritual energies do exist. One is not upset by the idea that the bacteria which plague your physical body must be controlled by daily hygiene, good health practices and, from time to time appropriate combative actions. You neither resist nor hide from this reality; you simply do what’s needed to keep your body and your home free of harmful micro-organisms such as frequent bathing, clothes washing and vacuuming; regular dental and medical checkups and the taking of an appropriate antibiotic or homeopathic remedy when a virus does manage to make its way into your system.

As you progress spiritually it becomes vital that you learn how to keep yourself from being overcome by opportunistic ‘spiritual bacteria’. The first step, spiritual protection has been covered elsewhere.

Another step is to understand psychic energy attacks.

Psychic attack to drain your energy

The mildest form of psychic attack, and the one who will encounter most often, is where you are near a person or a group of people – at work, a pub, a shopping centre or elsewhere – and after a time you feel really drained of your energy and vitality. Such people are called psychic vampires, or energy vampires. Such places are called energy drainers. We call it a ‘psychic attack’ because it is taking your emotional, life-force or soul energies without your permission.

We will continue this thread with more information on what you can do to stop these and protect yourself.

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