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Dragon Magick

“…Dragon Magick does not require you be of a certain religion, hold certain beliefs, live a certain specific lifestyle, nor in any way dictates what you do. However, it does require a dragon’s approval for success since it requires a dragon help you…”

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Psychic Attacks - Understanding and Stopping Them

“…We all give off emotion – we ‘feel’ love sent from another, sometimes even across the miles. Any strong emotion will travel between people on the energetic planes of existence – both light (love) and dark (negative) energies…”

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The Devil Under Every Bed: Has Hollywood Perpetuated a Demon Myth?

…Perhaps the most galling thing about the demon explanation for the more frightening paranormal occurrences (not to mention the rush to believe that explanation) is that Hollywood is likely to blame, at least in part…

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The Geophone

This blog is on a very simple kit that you can buy and put together to make your own geophone for about $50. In this video we will talk little about how the geophone works. Breaking down the unit and simplifying the inner workings of the geophone.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Glamis Castle

The history of the castle and the legends that surround it are fascinating. What I wouldn’t give to spend some time within its fabled walls. It never hurts to dream, right? Once upon a time……….

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Battling the Spider-Demon

Even the bravest of mortals quailed before the wrath of night goblins, as shown by a tale of ancient Japan. In that country there lived a nobleman named Raiko, who boldly undertook to rid the city of Kyoto of its demons. Retaliation by the fiends of darkness was swift. A wasting fever struck the hero. For many days and nights he lay in his chamber, guarded by companions but assailed by sick fancies. And on a night a-swarm with dreams, the visions gathered solid form. Raiko awoke and found himself chained to his pallet by countless silken filaments. Above him waved many-jointed, bristling legs. Huge eyes glittered. Raiko had become a spider’s prey.

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Written in Stone: Meet the Carvers - Lamson Family

The Lamson Family of Charlestown, MA were well known carvers. Their stones can be found as far north as North Andover, MA and as far south as Connecticut. A concentration of their stones can be found in Boston and on Cape Cod at Yarmouth Ancient Cemetery and Truro Old North Cemetery. Four generations of carvers are attributed to this family.

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A Missed Op-para-tunity

…As a teenager, I naturally realized that there were those who not only believed in the paranormal, but actively pursued it. At that point, I was far from ready to be a “ghost hunter,” but still I loved hearing about those who encountered things unexplainable. And then, during the wintry week between Christmas and New Year, I got to experience one such story up close…

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The New Investigator

You may have thought about what it would be like to go on a paranormal investigation and not just a historic tour or a theatrical production. Well you can and I am going to tell you how to do it and what you will need.

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To Tip Or Not To Tip?

They say that seeing is believing. For table tipping, seeing just wasn’t enough for me. I had to experience it myself. I am still in awe at how intense the whole experience was.

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