Signs that your house may be... err... ah... haunted.

First, ask yourself these important questions then either tell a close friend, seek help from a reputable source, or run for your ever-loving life out the front door, never looking back (don’t do the last one-unless for obvious reasons, of course!)


“I went into that house, and what I saw there was real, what I felt there was real, and what I heard there was real!”

- Father Delaney in The Amityville Horror, circa 1979



Two Forms Of Hauntings

Its important here that you know that there are two distinct forms of hauntings; intelligent hauntings, where the ghosts may interact with you or physical objects or a residual haunting, where the same scene out of time is played over and over again and the ghosts or ghost involved in the haunting do not interact with you.

History Of The Area

Do some research on your house and it’s previous owners before running into the night saying someone died in your house. Having your facts straight makes you more believable when it will come time for the weird stuff to be revealed. Paranormal activity can go on anywhere, even in new houses. Sometimes, we find that the house was constructed where something bad has happened or where another house may have existed in the past. In certain parts of the United States, new housing developments have been built on top of ancient burial grounds that resulted in paranormal activity.  So, go to your local library or historical society and find out about more about your house and the land it sits on and around it.

Let’s take a look at some reasons you could be haunted…


Cold Spots

Do you notice a significant drop in temperature in a certain spot in your home?


Do you hear ghostly footsteps along the hallway at night? Or maybe you hear them overhead, upstairs in the kids’ room.

Your Pets

Are your pets afraid to enter a certain room or area of the house? Have you seen them suddenly turn and run and cower under the bed?

Your Guests

When friends or family visit your home do they report feeling uncomfortable or cold?

“Now clear your minds. It knows what scares you.

It has from the very beginning. Don’t give it any help, it knows too much already.”

-Tangina in Poltergeist, circa 1982



Unusual Odors

Our sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses and smells or odors are often associated with memories.

Strange Noises

It’s probably most difficult to determine if those strange noises you hear are coming from a ghost who’s haunting your house or if they’re just a result of your house settling or the wind or an animal caught in the attic.

Ghostly Orbs

Are there strange orb of light appearing in photographs that you take inside or around your home? They’re most likely just dust on your camera lens or light reflecting off of dust in the air.

Unexplained Activity

If chairs are moving and dishes are flying through the air and the piano is playing by itself then it’s safe to assume you either have a poltergeist or you’re living in a haunted house.

Ghostly Apparitions

Assuming no one is playing tricks on you for some reason and your Halloween costumes are all stowed in the attic, if you see a ghostly apparition then your house is haunted. It’s easy to convince yourself that it was just your eyes playing tricks on you or you were spooked by your own shadow. But when you look directly at a ghost – and he looks back at YOU – then you are living in a haunted house. What you need to do now is determine if the ghost has good intentions or not and if he intends to let you live there peacefully – or if he’s going to make your life miserable.

Ouija Boards

Before you decide to hold a séance to see if your house is haunted, be sure you know exactly what you are doing. At the very least, Google the dangers of doing one and understand how to protect yourself from evil entities.





101 Signs Your House IS Haunted:


1. You feel like you’re being watched from a ceiling corner of the room.
2. You see unexplained lights in houses when no one is home.
3. Your dog freaks out over something you can’t see, cowers and runs from the room, or refuses to enter the room.
4. Your cat stares at a certain spot, his hair raises, he hisses and bolts from the room.
5. You see a transparent human form walking around.
6. You feel a weight on your bed, as if someone is sitting there but no one is.
7. You hear someone shout your name.
8. You find physical evidence of footprints that can’t be explained.
9. Electrical devices start operating by their self.
10. A child’s toy starts moving on its own or if it’s electronic, starts making noise.
11. You see a light colored mist form into any shape and the origin of the mist is unknown.
12. You hear crying of an unknown origin.
13. You smell a fragrance in your home that you don’t own.
14. A picture flying (not falling) off the wall and into the room.
15. You hear the sound of footsteps when no one is there.
16. You see someone who looks as real as you do but as you watch they disappear.
17. You’re physically touched by someone that isn’t there – your shirt or hair is tugged, someone brushes by or lays a hand on your shoulder.
18. More elevated – you’re slapped, pushed or shoved by something you can’t see.
19. A foul odor comes from nowhere and then disappears.
20. Furniture is rearranged – even heavy furniture.
21. Water is turned on or off by itself.
22. You hear music from an unknown source.
23. Lights turning on an off by themselves.
24. More elevated – you see the light switch move when no one is touching it.
25. Unexplained writing appears on a wall, mirror or piece of paper.

26. Objects are missing from a locked box or safe and show up later outside of the secured place.
27. Your doorbell rings but no one is there.
28. You hear doors or cabinets opening and closing by themselves.
29. You SEE a door or cabinet open or close when no one is near it.
30. More elevated – doors or cabinets slamming shut with extreme force.
31. A child tells you they see someone that you can’t. (Children and animals are very sensitive to the paranormal).
32. Faces appearing within inanimate objects and then disappear.
33. You feel a cold spot when there isn’t a reason for it to be cold in that area.
34. You find handprints of unexplained origin.
35. You hear hushed whispers but can’t find the source of the sound.
36. Items disappear and then reappear in an unexpected place.
37. You see a shadow of someone in your peripheral vision.
38. You look into a mirror and see someone else reflected there but when you look into the room where they should be standing no one is there.
39. You see balls of unexplained light.
40. You get a sudden sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and Goosebumps on your arms or a prickly feeling on the back of your neck all at the same time.
41. You get sudden cold chills accompanied by a sense of fear.
42. You feel uneasy in certain areas of your home like the basement or attic.
43. You feel a sudden warm or hot spot in your home.
44. You feel a breeze inside the house when the windows are closed.
45. A spirit orb appears in a photo you’ve taken.
46. A musical instrument plays by itself (piano etc.)
47. A sudden feeling of nausea in a particular room when you’re not sick.
48. You have thoughts that don’t fit your personality when in a particular area.
49. Laughter without a source.
50. You hear sounds of pain, like moaning, but there isn’t anyone there.
51. You hear sounds or smell a certain fragrance or odor at the same time every day.
52. You see unusual things reflected in glass objects.
53. You record voices of people who weren’t present on a tape or digital recording device.
54. You answer your phone and the voice of someone you know that has died speaks to you.
55. Small, flashing lights zigzag around the room.
56. The television set goes berserk for no apparent reason.
57. Light bulbs blow out on a regular basis.
58. The phone rings with a different ringtone that it’s not programmed for.
59. Abrupt mood swings or changes in a person’s character only in specific areas or in places thought to be haunted.
60. You feel frozen to the spot for a short amount of time.
61. Visitors to your home often complain that they feel uncomfortable, couldn’t sleep well or heard and saw things they couldn’t explain.
62. People in your family are consistently having nightmares.
63. You hear tapping on the walls.
64. You’ve seen what appear to be red eyes in the darkness.
65. You’ve awakened to see misty people standing around your bed.
66. There’s blood running down the walls.
67. Unexplained whistling.
68. You have visions of how someone died as you’re falling asleep.
69. If you have a rocking chair, it rocks by itself.
70. An entity tries to harm you by holding a pillow over your face.
71. You hear pages of books or newspapers turning.
72. You’re filming a family event and an apparition appears in the footage.
73. A ghostly voice threatens you.
74. You feel someone breathing on your shoulder or neck.
75. You wake up to find odd marks or scratches on your body that wasn’t there when you went to sleep.
76. Black marks suddenly appear on the walls of your home.
77. You’re alone in the house, and you hear a door slam in another part of the house.
78. You hear scratching sounds from behind the walls.
79. A candle is suddenly blown out when no one is near it.
80. You’re driving down the road, see someone walking on the side but when you look back at them in your rearview mirror, no one is there.
81. You’ve seen objects levitating in the air.
82. You’ve been levitated into the air.
83.You’ve woken up because your bed is violently shaking.
84. Papers are jerked out of your hands when no one is near you.
85. A glowing cloud hovers in the room.
86. The air in certain areas of your house may feel heavy or stagnant even though you try to freshen it up.
87. You become sick with an illness that the doctor can’t diagnosis or treat.
88. You lock a door or window only to find it unlocked or vice versa.
89. You see apparitions while touring a battleground or graveyard.
90. You’re shopping and turn to look at a person nearby you and discover they don’t have a face. You blink, look again and they’re gone or they disappear right in front of you.
91. A woman or man walks up to you in a public place, gives you what seems like a message and then disappears.
92. You look up at a house from street level and see someone standing in a doorway or window when you know that no one is home or the home is empty or abandoned.
93. You see a single light and hear a train coming down the tracks when the tracks are no longer in use and the train never really goes by.
94. You hear someone breathing in an empty room.
95. The radio in your car turns on or off by itself.
96. You hear screams or ghostly activity at specific times every day – usually at night.
97. A “lady in white” is seen walking down your hall or steps.
98. You see a dark colored mist that forms inside and takes the shape of a person.
99. The batteries in your flashlights, cameras, phones, etc. drain very quickly when in areas that are thought to be haunted.
100. You wake and feel a pressure on your chest that doesn’t have a medical reason.
101. You sit down in a chair and it feels like you just sat in someone’s lap – but the chair is empty.

(All in the name of fun.)

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