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My Paranormal Bucket List - The Omni Parker House Hotel

Hotel guests have reported hearing unexplained noises and seeing shadow figures, apparitions, and light anomalies (such as orbs), visible even to the naked eye. Many believe it is none other than Harvey Parker himself that roams those halls, still caring for his beloved hotel after all these years.

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What Makes a Skeptic?

“…I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t think a snotty, dismissive attitude qualifies as constructive skepticism. Rather, reasoned skeptics are an integral part of the paranormal community, challenging easy answers, over-zealous assumptions, and pseudo-scientific claims…”

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Tech Advice

I tend to write about equipment that I own or would like to own, but I am going to change things up a little bit and write about what I have learned. For me getting involved with Maine Ghost Hunters has led me down so many different paths that I never thought I would be compelled to travel

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Paranormal Investigator Etiquette 101

After going on several investigations and meet-ups I got to thinking, what is the proper “ghost hunter” etiquette? Or better yet, what is the proper “Maine Ghost Hunter” etiquette?

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An Unfinished Death

When the coffin lid shut upon a corpse, it marked the slamming of the door between the worlds of dead and living. That portal opened only in one direction, and none might learn what lay beyond until their own last day and hour. But there were always those of inquiring mind who, undeterred by ancient taboo, craved to uncover these secrets. In northern Italy the tale was told of an old peasant couple, dwelling in a remote hill village, who made a pact to help each other penetrate the mystery. Sitting one night by the fire, talking of life and death, they swore a solemn vow: Whoever went first to the land of mists should return to tell the other what waited beyond the grave.

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Spiritual Corner: A Brief History of Incense

“…Ever since the beneficial invention of fire, mankind has found that
many materials release an odor when burnt, some very pleasing, and others
not so much…”

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The Ouija Controversy – Part 4: The Experience Concludes

“…Coincidentally, probably the darkest communication we ever received came from a stronger personality that referred to itself as “Mom.” This personality, whom “Bunny” feared, would appear randomly during sessions…”

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Signs that your house may be... err... ah... haunted.

“…Its important here that you know that there are two distinct forms of hauntings; intelligent hauntings, where the ghosts may interact with you or physical objects or a residual haunting, where the same scene out of time is played over and over again and the ghosts or ghost involved in the haunting do not interact with you…”

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ES Energy speaker

I have done many blogs in the past about EVP’s and how they are possibly created. The topic in this blog is about equipment that follows along with the same theories that I believe in and that is EVP’s are generated from electromagnetic frequencies that are picked up by the microphone on our recorders.

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The Perfect Hiding Place

Several English houses were haunted by spectral brides, but none more poignantly than Marwell Hall, near Owslebury in Hampshire. In this case, the bride suffered an appalling fate on her wedding day

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