The Ouija Controversy – Part 3: The Experience

In the two prior parts of my discussion of talking boards, we looked at common objections surrounding their use and my introduction to the world of Ouija. Today we finally get down to the meat of the matter – and the familiar territory of most Ouija talk – my experiences.

However, as I mentioned at the end of Part 2, this really became less about MY experiences with the legendary board and more about the experiences of my companions, once I determined that my touch could halt the whole affair.

Who are these people? Two very special women whom I believe to be natural mediums, my younger sister (the close family member I spoke of last time) and a college friend. When they operated the board, the pointer flew. Not literally through the air, like all those sleepover tales everyone hears, but across the board, letter to letter, frequently faster than I could keep track of.

This is the point in my story where the anti-Ouija crowd really gets their collective knickers in a twist. Because of my unfortunate ability to cripple the board, both women usually operated the board solo (gasp!), with a single finger on the planchette, while I sat nearby.

So what happened during these sessions?

For my sister, the board was a relatively short-lived lark, typically indulged in only when I was on vacation from college. However, we discovered that her talent (for lack of a better word) was obtaining information about those who had passed – nearly always people she had never met.

A few incidents stand out. During one evening with curious friends, she seemed to have established contact with a local boy who had recently passed in a snowmobile accident. Referencing an in-joke known only to him, a guy in the room said, “Ask him what kind of sled he had.” The answer: “Too fast!” Shocked, our friend confirmed that this was the boy’s usual, jocular reply.

Another time, I was home on winter vacation and asked my sister if she could solicit a message from a young man I vaguely knew who had just passed. After some quick pointer maneuvers, she startled me by looking up and asking, “Who’s N***? He wants you to tell her he’s OK.” Although the general message wasn’t particularly unique, my sister had produced the name of my grieving friend, whom she’d never met.

On still another occasion, she appeared to connect with the late parents (whom she’d never met) of her skeptical boyfriend. The specific facts she related about their family dynamics caused him to forbid her to use the board again in his presence.

Finally, I recall a night of levity when nothing dramatic had come through, and we randomly asked my sister’s (purported) spirit guide to give us a sign we weren’t talking to ourselves. Moments later, the cat jumped onto the table (which she’d never done in our presence) and sat on the board.

Although it’s been a good number of years since my sister and I have operated the board, the questions remain: Was she really in contact with the dead? Since she produced verifiable information she had no way of knowing, it seems it’s either that, or she was simply tapping into someone else’s knowledge. Either way, it’s a compelling possibility.

Next time: The fourth and final installment in this series. I’ll be relating my frequently silly, sometimes spooky, and ever-fascinating Ouija exploits with my college friend. You’re all invited.

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