My Psychic Initiation

When one of my friends asked if I would accompany her to see a psychic medium, I jumped at the chance. I have a very healthy skepticism when it comes to psychic readings. I truly believe there are people who can see, hear, and interact with spirits. However, I am also aware that there are some who are not all they claim to be. Anyone dealing with the paranormal knows that fraud exists far more than it should. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I was definitely up for the experience. With an open mind (and that ever-present skepticism), I arrived for my reading.

A pleasant, average-looking woman led me to a small room. The left side of the room was draped in a black fabric, while a table and two chairs sat against the right side. A well-worn deck of tarot cards lay upon the table. She took the chair farthest from the door while I took the other. She began by asking my name. I provided her with my first name only. With her eyes closed, she then proceeded to create a “ring of protection” around us by calling upon the Archangels. She opened her eyes, and my reading began.

The first thing she asked was, “Do you care for someone who needs insulin?” Whoa! I must admit this caught me completely off guard. It just so happens that my little boy, Ryan, has Type 1 Diabetes. I suppose it’s possible that it was a guess, but I was not expecting something that specific. I was eager to hear what was coming next. She told me that a grandmother figure from my father’s side was there with me. My grandmother, my father’s mother, had passed away when I was 7 years old. I was very close to her and devastated by her death. I think about her often and miss her greatly to this day. She told me that my grandmother wanted me to know that she was there with me and that she was proud of me. The grandmother figure kept referencing an event that occurred when my son was 3 years old. She wanted me to know that she was with us during that time, helping us through it. I told the medium that I could not recall any unusual events or difficulties at that age. She told me to keep thinking about it since the spirit was insistent it was then. Hmmmm.

The psychic began acting very flustered and told me that she was overwhelmed by the number of spirits in the room. According to her, the room was overflowing with spirits who had come to see me, and they were all trying to talk at once. She asked if I had a “gift.” When I asked her what she meant, she indicated that she thought I might have some psychic abilities. Something about me was connecting with them, drawing them to me. Yikes. I am not aware of any psychic abilities, and quite frankly, the thought of having them scares the crap out of me. I found myself intrigued but also a little creeped out at the idea that I was surrounded by so many spirits. I asked her if she saw anything negative around me. Thankfully she said that I was surrounded by entirely positive energy, protection, and light. Phew.

She communicated with two other spirits during my session. A Native American man in full headdress stood behind me. “I’m taken aback by how strong his presence is,” she said. Since I do not have any Native American heritage, she believed the man was tied to a past life in which I was a healer.

Another elderly man, a grandfather figure with white hair, came forward and stood with his hands on my shoulders. She said he had “something with the throat,” meaning he either had throat issues or could not speak in life. He kept mentioning Germany and told her that I needed to research my family tree to see the connection. She said it may have something to do with the war. I am not aware of any connections to Germany, but I just might dig a little deeper into my family tree out of curiosity.

Using a combination of spirit communication and tarot cards (which she said she read psychically rather than literally), she received a variety of messages for me. One was a prediction. She said that I was meant to have two children. The spirits and cards kept telling her that I would have another child within 2 years. I countered that this was extremely unlikely due to fertility issues, yet she was insistent that it would happen. She added that I may not physically bear the child, but I would become a mother again within that time. I found this especially hard to believe but I did my best to keep an open mind. The second recurring message was that I needed “to take a break.” She was being told that I was a “rock,” putting everyone else’s needs before my own. The spirits were saying I needed to start taking care of myself. Very true and good advice, but I think it would apply to most women in today’s world. Her spirit guides warned her that there was a male (or a female with male energy) in my life that had a “my way or the highway” toxic attitude. They recommended I eliminate this person from my life asap. Again, good advice but not very specific. Lastly, she accurately described a personal relationship and the current difficulties surrounding it. She told me that it would be difficult for a while, but the relationship would survive. Were it not for the details she provided, I probably would’ve dismissed this as a garden-variety prediction.

Before ending the session, she said the spirits would send me a sign within the next 2 days. The sign would confirm they were there with me. It would come in the form of a white feather. I would most likely see the feather in an unusual place, but it was possible I would see it falling from the sky as well. Hmmm. That afternoon, I saw what I believed to be a feather float by my car as I got the mail. I got out of the car but could not find it. Floating feathers might be a rather common occurrence that we just don’t notice. I told the spirits I needed something more definitive. The next day, I saw another feather float by me, though I couldn’t find this one either when I stopped to look. Again, I said I need something more. The next day, I was sitting at my desk at work when something caught my eye. On the soil of one of my plants lay a white feather. Ok, THAT got my attention. While I don’t think the occasional floating feather is all that significant, I would assume it is rather unusual to find one sitting in your indoor houseplant.

So what did I take from all of this? I’m still very skeptical of much of the information shared with me. I want to believe, but it is hard when much of it is very vague and general. However, she did hit upon several things with shocking specificity and accuracy to dismiss it entirely. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to do it again. In fact, I think it would be even more interesting to see what other mediums have to say and if any of those messages or themes overlap. I have an open mind and a strong curiosity….who knows where they will lead me???

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