Murderer's Den

It’s called Murderer’s Den, and it’s not just a nickname.   We took to a secret location in midcoast Maine to check out the hiding spot, and actual stone cave residence, of a man who was accused, and eventually tried and hung, for the murder of a local law man.

The story is classic.  A man attempts to rob a business, tries to flee the scene of the crime, gets caught up in a scramble during his botched getaway, and winds up killing a local law enforcement officer in the process.  He manages to escape the scene of the crime only to disappear into the deep woods of coastal Maine, and for 2 years he hides out there, unawares to most of the area’s local residents.  His home?  This naturally formed stone cave which, all things considered, looks quite smaller than it actually is.

With 2 fully functional entrances, the man slept, ate, and had fires to keep himself warm, for two long years in this very cave.  He lived off the land, fished the local waters – which are a short walking distance from his secret hideout – and, as very few knew, had help from a local farmer who owned the woods the murderer called home.

When his time was up, and law enforcement learned his whereabouts, the scene was likely a dramatic one.  The chase was on, but the whole ordeal was ended quite quickly, with a trial, a guilty verdict, and his death-by-hanging at Thomaston Prison.  What remains here in the last place this desperate soul called “home”?  We ventured here to find out.

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