"Haunted Woods" of Randolph, Maine

Everyone from town knows about “bicycle Eddie” and the tragic events which unfolded one cold late autumn evening.  The result was murder, suicide, and a missing body still thought to be buried in a shallow grave somewhere amongst these woods.

Our first meetup of Spring 2012 went spectacularly!  We had members in attendance representing 3 different teams from the U.S. and Canada. Over 20 people gathered to experience the local legend of “the haunted woods of Randolph, Maine”.  We had sensitives and skeptics working multiple areas of the trail, and a very interesting ITC-Spirit Box session, which we then combined into a dual session with a ghost box.  We had a psychic meetup member in attendance who shared his thoughts on what he thought happened in a few areas of the walking trail, and his information, combined with the MGH skeptic approach – using our equipment and investigation tools, yielded some pretty interesting results.

If you’re ever in the area to visit the Randolph Woods, you ought to stop by.  Locals say it’s haunted, but even if you’re not a believer, it’s a great place to escape into the solitude it provides.

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