Gilson Road Cemetery

Some say this place is the most haunted cemetery in New Hampshire, and we have some members with first hand experiences who may agree with that sentiment.

Gilson Road Cemetery offered the MGH meetup a chance to explore the historical aspects of families who lived, and died, in the early years this area was settled.  The stories of this location prompted us to do a bit of research to learn more about why this place may live up to its reputation, and what we came across were accounts of Indian attacks, entire families lost to disease, native scuffles, battles nearby, banishment of the unwanted – to this area – and even one particular tale of the practice of the “dark arts”. The murders of young boys lured to their final moments by a predator centuries ago just seems so wrong it would be a shame not to investigate the possibility those souls are looking for some way to communicate, wouldn’t you agree?

With our postboxes, flashlights, EMF detectors, and other tools, we took to the Gilson Road Cemetery with eagerness, and in the process we had multiple members witness sounds, hear voices, and a small number actually shared the sighting of a young child near the rear of the cemetery.  Quite an exciting gathering we had today!

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