Anderson Cemetery

The Anderson-Smith Burying ground is one of the oldest graveyards on the books in the town of Windham.  The stones here, while not particularly artistically charged, hold a history that’s unparalleled to local cemeteries.  Some of the areas earliest settlers area interred here and, make no mistake about it, the legend this place is haunted precedes any other aspect of its reputation.

We were joined by quite a large number of participants for this meetup so we separated into 2 groups.  We took turns investigating different areas of the cemetery, including the stone den and the Anderson Family Crypt.   The stories about full-body apparitions, shadow figures, and light-phenomena kept us all on our toes and, to be honest, our ghost box sessions here didn’t exactly disappoint.   One group had a much more successful ghost box session at the stone den, while the other group had an incredibly interesting EVP session at the family crypt.

The Anderson Cemetery is a popular destination for thrill seekers and ghost hunters, alike.  And, might we suggest this location as a prime location to take advantage of some beautiful photo opportunities?

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