The search for Sasquatch

August 3rd, 2012 at 5am I woke up and started to prepare for our camping trip, Maine Ghost Hunters Bigfoot hunting weekend camp out trip in the Northern Maine woods. Having lived up in that area for many years and it is also where I met my wife I was excited to get out in the seclusion of the woods. So with a smile on my face I packed the truck and was ready to begin the 300 mile trip.

With a few stops on the way our caravan of vehicles and meet up members began to grow and once we hit Bangor the group was complete and the Journey was just getting started. Joining us on this adventure were two members of Team Tazar, a Bigfoot hunting group who I had only seen YouTube videos of and really was not sure just how serious they were. The videos that I had watched were very entertaining and comical at times. As we waited in the parking lot at Dysart’s for them to join our caravan I wasn’t sure how well the two teams would mesh. Finally in pulled a car with a canoe tied to the top and a cage in the back seat with two live roosters, Team Tazar had arrived. Introductions were made and we finally got to meet Michael (above) and Bill (right). After fifteen minutes or so of getting to know each other a little bit we all jumped in our vehicles and continued our journey to the great outdoors in the Northern Maine woods.

A couple of stops for gas and several changes in the landscape as we went from city to towns then farmland and slowing down for the occasional Amish horse and buggy trotting down the road we made the 300 miles to the gate where we would enter the forest for the next 3 days. By 3:30 in the afternoon we were erecting our tents and planning our first scouting trip to find locations to do our night time investigations. We split into two groups each led by one of the Team Tazar members, after all the have a lot more experience at this than any of us. Mike and Bill each had their own group and took us out teaching us what to look for. We were not really looking for Bigfoot but searching for areas that would best sustain the inhabitant’s of such a large creature. Food, water, and shelter are what we looked for, without any one of these the chances of finding Bigfoot or any other wildlife would be slim to none.

The two groups met back at camp to describe all that we found so we could devise a plan that would give us the highest probability to locate the elusive creature that we were all searching for. As we ate dinner and discussed the possibilities the excitement level in the group was rising by the second. We picked our location and had our plan when Mike and Bill told us why the roosters are with us. No they are not camping enthusiast and they are not there to be tomorrow night’s dinner, or at least not our dinner. Mike explained that we are going to put out the rooster as bait. Now we would be within viewing distance with our night vision cameras and hopefully be able to protect the rooster. We made some knocks and did a few calls but nothing showed up for the free KFC meal so we loaded up and went to a couple other locations that night before returning to camp about 1:30 am sat morning. Wow what a first day at camp.

Continuing on to go cast some tracks we went back to a water hole that Teresa had spotted the day before. Moose and deer tracks were all around it when we were there Friday so we thought this would be a good spot for Mike and Bill to teach us how to cast some tracks. Arriving at the water hole Mike looked at the

tracks in the mud and got excited. Canadian lynx tracks he hollered. I have been looking for these for decades and you guys find them first trip out. We measured and photographed the tracks then made plaster castings of them before heading back to camp for lunch while the castings dried. After filling up on fuel for ourselves we returned to retrieve our castings. This day just got better by the minute and it was only 2 in the afternoon. With the castings safely packed in our vehicle we set out to find a new location for our last night in the woods.

Saturday night, our last night on our expedition we decided to drop off teams of 3 every half mile to sit in the dark in the hopes of finding evidence of Bigfoot. As the night sky lit by the moon

passed us by we sat in the quietness of the forest discovering nothing but man eating mosquitoes. We all loaded back into the vehicles and started to search miles of woods roads in hopes to catch a glimpse of wildlife hiding in the dark. Around midnight we returned to camp to catch a few hours of sleep before packing up for the trip home.

Sunday morning was here in no time at all and everyone was starting to pack everything up for the 300 mile trip home. One more adventure left to do; we had to pick up the trail camera that we left at the waterhole Saturday night. Upon making our way back to trail cam we were wondering what we might have caught, are there any more tracks? Once again the excitement began to rise in anticipation of the data and evidence collection. The trail cam had 4 videos on it two of them being us for sure but we would have to wait to discover our catch until we were back to camp to hook up to the Mac and reveal the mystery videos.” Look, more tracks are in the mud.” Bill shouted. We were not sure if they were new or if we missed them from the excitement of finding lynx tracks the day before. As Mike and Bill studied them they were unsure, could it be a baby lynx or bobcat, better cast them. Once the Plaster was dry we returned to camp. Everything all packed and ready to go we all said our goodbyes and headed for home.

Our search for Sasquatch was over and we never found the elusive creature, but our time spent with Mike and Bill from Team Tazar was very educational and a whole lot of fun. I havea lot of respect for these two guys that I did not know just a few days ago. They opened up with their knowledge willing to teach us how to properly go about “Seeking the truth” when looking for Bigfoot. Both Mike and Bill are very professional about what they do and they do it with more passion and dedication than I have ever seen. I will never be able to express my gratitude for the experience they shared with us.

What did Mike and Bill get out of this adventure, besides the satisfaction of being in the woods doing what they love? If you ask them I think maybe they see Maine Ghost Hunters in a different light and if nothing else they know they have seven more people that will keep their eyes open for any evidence that will help lead them to the truth that they are searching for.

If you would like to see video from Team Tazar on this meet up then check out these links–ZtIojRik

MGH John B.

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