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Archive for July 2012

Unknown Soldier: A Tale of Compassion

“Soldier, I salute you. Though your body lies far from home, may your soul rest in eternal peace knowing how many lives you touched and hearts you opened with your story.”

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Behind the Scenes - The people You Don't Know

For those who follow Maine Ghost Hunters (MGH) on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other media that we may be on then you may have seen some of the core members and investigators with MGH. What makes MGH work so well are all the people you have not had the chance to meet so this blog is going to be about hard working members that dedicate their time to making MGH successful.

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Fire Ceremony

“Fire Ceremonies are wonderful during a New Moon, when you want to introduce newness into your Life.”

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Perspectives on Para-media: Haunted Collector

“…There’s no question that one of the most effective methods of ensuring the success of movies, popular music, and TV shows is to find a formula and exploit it as long as it works…”

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The Supernatural - side of things. Whoever said we can’t be super and natural?

“It is easy to manipulate something in front of the untrained eye”

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Imagine That

“…He told us he was tall, old, and had white hair. I thought that was a little odd since most imaginary friends are children, not older adults…”

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The Myndie Snake

In the empty hinterlands of theAustraliaoutback, where the sun beat down on rust-red sand, shimmering saltpans and ancient eroded hills, strange beings wrought evil. Dazzled by the searing heat, those people who walked the wilderness knew never to trust the images before their eyes.

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Crystal Skulls

“Native legends speak of crystal skulls as an inheritance from ancient times.

Said to “talk and sing” they are believed to carry messages for all mankind,

including what may be discovered when we overcome our fear of death”.

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Life Death Rebirth - Reincarnation

“Do you believe in Life After Death? What about reincarnation? The word “reincarnation” derived from Latin, literally means, “entering the flesh again.”

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Perspectives on Para-media: Celebrity Ghost Stories

“…Anyone with a television can’t help but notice that paranormal programming has experienced an unprecedented explosion in the last ten years or so…”

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