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When conducting an investigation you will find that most of us will wait until sun goes down and all becomes dark. Why though, it’s not because we enjoy stubbing our toes or tripping over unseen objects or because spirits are afraid of the light.

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Paranormal and Wicked Strange News from Around the Country

“Last week was filled with some very bizarre human behavior and chemical outbreaks in certain parts of the county. Florida, California, Illinois, Georgia, why those places and what’s going on?”

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Confessions of a Newbie: How It All Began

“I have encountered many things I can’t explain, and based on those experiences, I truly believe there is more to life and death than we can readily see, touch, and feel…”

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Written in Stone: Meet the Carvers - James Ford

James Ford was a carver in the Salem, MA area. He was known for carving winged skulls and winged heads.

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Audio Recording Devices - Part 3

The Sony ICD-SX-712 is a little more pricey than the other 2 recorders I use tipping the scale at just a little under $200. This recorders capability far exceeds the other two recorders put together.

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Audio Recording Devices - Part 2

The two digital recorders in my arsenal get used together when I am doing an EVP session. Using two recorders together will give me a better chance to understand what I am hearing

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Audio Recording Devices - Part 1

When it comes to recording audio there are so many recorders to choose from. What I look for in a recorder when buying a new one is functions and or features that none of my other recorders have.

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A Trip Aboard the USS Salem

Ever been aboard a “Heavy Cruiser”? Me neither. Join me, and my first mate John, as I embark on my maiden journey upon the haunted USS Salem.

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My Eerie Encounter in Plymouth

Join John & I on another one of our adventures as I retell an eerie encounter I had in Plymouth, MA.

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It's Not about the Destination...It's about the Getting There - Pt. 2

Join John & I on part 2 of our journey. Explore a new cemetery and an unexpected surprise!

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