Soul Collector

I’ve only ever had a palm reading done once, in my life, and this story is probably why.

I was on my way to an event in a van with a bunch of other people.  We got to talking and one of the individuals said she was a palm reader – that she learned from her grandmother, who was a very affluent palm reader in her community of fellow readers.  I guess this person would go to psychic fairs with her grandmother and she learned by being around it all the time.  So who was I to question her ability, or lack of ability, to make sense of the lines on my hand(s).  I certainly couldn’t do any better.  I’d like to preface the remainder of the story by mentioning this happened quite a long time ago, and certainly long before Maine Ghost Hunters was ever even a thought in my mind.

After revealing this interesting ability she had, to read people’s palms, other people in the van started to ask her to read theirs.  The things she was saying to them seemed to resonate quite strongly, on occasion, so maybe there was something to it. I’m not exactly sure.  It was entertaining, at the very least, and our trip was long.  Since she was seated right next to me I decided to take a turn and ask what she saw on my hand.  I was one of the very few left-handers in the bunch so I figured that, alone, would set me apart from the “normal” reading experience.   Because, y’know, flipping everything to the left hand makes all the difference.

So I showed her my hand, and she found it pretty average, from the looks of things.  Said my life line was really long, which I figured.  She mentioned I would likely live a long and happy life, and I mentioned some of my family history and the lengthy life-spans of generations before me.  She mentioned some things about work and money and things of that nature, none of which I can really remember too strongly, but then … she focused in on the area where my thumb is joined to my hand, and said she found that area somewhat fascinating, noting she hardly ever gets to see that type of pattern on the palms she reads.  My interest was peaked.  I looked at my hand.  I looked at her looking at my hand.  And finally, of course, I hesitantly asked, “what’s so different about it?  What’s it say?”.  Her reply was that the formation of the lines on my hand was unique.  There were far more lines on my hand than on most people’s hands, and that was just one direction. The number of lines that cross-hatched through those lines was quite numerous.  She mentioned she’d seen lines cross in that area before, but only a small number of cases, and in each case only a small number of lines – like 1, or 3 or something.   Looking at my hand, I have a much higher number going in both directions – North/South and East/West.  They intersect at a large number of points. We checked both my hands to see if they were both ilke that, before she told me what it meant.  Maybe she was looking for a more positive reading on the other hand?  Maybe there was something she didn’t want to tell me about this hand, that she was hoping wasn’t visibly evident on the other?  I don’t know.

When she realized the same pattern was on the other hand she returned to the original hand and looked further. I finally asked her “what’s it mean?” and she told me, basically, that it means I have a lot of spirits/souls around me all the time.  It could be spirits from a past life, or spirits who have been with me since I was born, either as relatives, or guides, or something like that.  She added, when people pass, they stay with me, for whatever reason.  If she gave a reason, I don’t remember it.  She related it to being “a soul collector”.  Now, she said this “soul collector” thing wasn’t “in a bad way”, but honestly, how would you take if it was your hand a palmist was reading and they said that about you?

So basically, that was the first, and last, time I ever had my palm read.

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