The Veils Are Thinning

Strange things have been going on lately…

Recently at the shop, we have had some interesting events that lead me to believe that there is are multidimensional worlds intersecting with ours. The most recent was a crystal bowl meditation where I guided the group through a series of suggestions. What followed at the end were uncanny similarities of seeing the same beings.. Even though it was not discussed during the meditation.  Also everybody thought  I was walking around, when in fact I did not move through the entire event….They felt a presence come right up to them and a couple said they felt a breeze as if somebody passed by.

During the second part of the night we did a shamanic drum meditation where we teach how to connect with a spirit animal… During this drum only journey  4 people asked if I was playing a flute during it, which I was not since I was the drummer.  3 people saw the same animal which was a whale… Highly unusual since most people tend to come up with eagle wolf or other more common creatures… but a Whale!

While on an investigation a few years ago I took a walk in the woods behind an Inn where the camera crew and famed psychic/medium Chip Coffey were staying.  The Inn was not part of the official investigation so I took the opportunity during the down time to explore. There was a strange vibe in the air and I felt as if there was something calling me into the woods. I found some old junk that was overgrown with plants and it made for some fun photographs. As I came around the bend in the path, there was an urge to shoot the area in front of me… to my surprise in one of the pictures there seemed to be an Orb… But not just any random orb.. This one was a beautiful blue one.  It was really cool and sent a bit of a chill up my spine… The time was about 7:30pm and there was not any sunlight streaming through the trees as the canopy really cut out the sun. I took multiple shots as we are instructed to do and only one came up with this cool orb. When you zoom in, the orb actually takes on a square shape like that of a window … and in this orb you can see a humanoid face.  Could this be a dimensional portal that was caught closing? I am still unsure, but that is my feeling. The camera crew and Chip were not sure either.

Einstein spoke of a 4th dimension that was time based…Could this be what we are experiencing… Could there be a thinning of the walls the separate our 2 worlds? Or do the beings that call that world home have a way of traveling into ours.  It opens up many thoughts and ideas.  Are the spirits we encounter peeking through to check us out?  Or is this where we go after we cross over?  There is even theory that Bigfoot may be a being from another dimension. It could explain why the sightings are so sporadic.  It sure warrants more study and experimentation….. Looking forward to the journey to inner space…..

Keep an open mind and an open heart.. let the world reveal itself……

Blog Entry by DavidH

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