B-team Buzz: What's It Like to Be on the MGH B-team?

As many who follow MGH on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites already know, there are a number of ways to be involved with this dynamic group of paranormal enthusiasts. The easiest (and least demanding) of these is, of course, joining MGH at a Meet-up or Summer Cemetery Series event.

But what else are people doing to support the group?

One way is by being invited to be part of the B-team, formed in early 2012. I am fortunate enough to count myself among this carefully selected and screened group of talented support staff. As with any other group, each individual member of the MGH B-team brings with him or her a unique set of beliefs, strengths, and area(s) of interest within the paranormal realm.

Naturally, folks often wonder what it’s like to be on the MGH B-team. What do we do?

Primarily, our function is to offer support for team audio review, as well as assisting with special tasks assigned by MGH Leads (when this happens, you jump up and down and feel really privileged!). Additionally, we often represent the group in an unofficial capacity at Meet-up events. We won’t always make our presence known (no black T-shirts for this group; wearing the familiar black death-head logo shirts is a privilege earned by a select, hardworking few), but we’re almost always there to offer our services and support as needed.

This being my inaugural blog entry, I am only touching on the B-team experience today, of course. I look forward to sharing a whole lot more about the team and my own paranormal passions in the future. I hope you’ll join me.

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