Sony has always been a favorite for me and their HVL-IRM infrared external light was the first light I ever purchased to assist my Sony HandyCam in nightshot mode. I have owned and used this light for many years now and it still performs as good as the day I purchased it.

The HVL-IRM is no longer available through Sony but you can find them on eBay if you are willing to pay a pretty hefty price. This Sony light is small in size 2”w x 4”h and not too heavy unless you add an optional Sony “M” series camcorder battery. The ability to use 2 AA batteries or “m” series battery does add some weight to the unit but I can go the whole night and not have to worry about running out of power. When one battery dies you just slide the on/off switch from “Bat A” to “Bat B” and keep on filming.



The Sony HVL-IRM has one feature that is very unique and can be very useful when filming up close. On the front of the light in the bottom corner is a dial that contols the brightness of the light. If you have ever filmed up close with a very powerful light or against white walls you have seen how the light can white wash your picture, The Sony can be adjusted down to prevent this overexposed look giving you quality video with a crisp and clear shot.







The one problem I have with the HVL-IRM is that the light emits a really focused beam giving you a well illuminated circle in your shot with dark sides. Using two of the lights together on either side of the camera helps, but why use two Sony lights when you can use just one of another style. I have found that the best use for the HVL-IRM is when filming in a residence with smaller rooms; I can adjust the light to match the room I’m in.


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