When it comes to lighting up a dark room with an IR light the Sima SL-100R does an excellent job, and at a reasonable cost too.

The SL-100R uses 36 IR LED’s, 850nm each,  to provide a strong flood of light into the room and with the red lens covering the light emitting diodes it will give you a really nice uniform look on your night vision camera or recorder. The unit is small in size just under 2 ½” square and pretty lightweight which is really helpful with fatigue on a long investigation.

The SL-100R is rated for a distance of 10-75 feet but I have found they are better for a medium size room 30 feet and under. If you are in a large room and need more light the Sima light has the ability to be stacked with a shoe socket on 3 of the four sides and the shoe on the fourth side. As seen in this photo I have two units stacked and the more lights you have the more you can stack even if it’s not a Sima light as long as it has a standard shoe.

With all of the great features in this little package it has one major downfall that usually makes the SL-100R take the back seat to my other IR lights. This unit has a built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery that only last 40 minutes to 1hr if you’re lucky then it has to be plugged in to charge. On a 6-8 hour investigation you don’t have time to keep changing lights out to recharge. If I find a way to convert this unit to a 9v battery that I can change quickly then the Sima SL-100R will become my go to choice for infrared illumination.

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