When conducting an investigation you will find that most of us will wait until sun goes down and all becomes dark. Why though, it’s not because we enjoy stubbing our toes or tripping over unseen objects or because spirits are afraid of the light. There are a couple of reasons why we tend to investigate at night one of them being most people are in bed sleeping so you won’t have as much contamination of noise such as people walking by and talking and there will be less cars driving down the road, even most pets such as dogs are in bed dreaming of the next day at the dog park. Have you ever noticed at the end of an investigation you start to hear the birds sing as the morning sun approaches the distant horizon. Another benefit of investigating in the dark is when you take away one of your senses, such as sight, all of your other senses such as hearing, smell, and touch all become heightened.

What about capturing video and or photographic evidence? This is why we use special lighting usually in the form of IR or infrared lighting. The IR spectrum of light is beyond of the human’s visual range yet our specially equipped cameras are able to use this spectrum to illuminate a room to capture visual evidence while leaving us humans to stumble around in the dark.

There are other types of light spectrums that are available for us to use however in this series I am going to stick with the most commonly used spectrum which is IR. Having many choices of IR lights available the three that will be featured in these blogs were chosen simply because they are the ones that I own and use. If you decide to buy IR lights for your equipment make sure you do as much research as you can so you get your money’s worth, as with anything you buy there are good and bad designs depending upon what you are using for cameras and the size and type of location. You will want to know how long does the battery last and how easy is it to change the battery or do you have to plug it in and recharge it.

So take a look at my next three blogs where I discuss one style of lite in each one giving you what I have found to be the pro’s and con’s, capabilities and limitations. Here is a picture taken with the same camera, location and time with each light.


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