My Eerie Encounter in Plymouth

On our way home from a Maine Ghost Hunters’ Meet-Up in Cape Cod, John and I decided to do a little exploring and ended up in Plymouth, MA.  The fog that day was moving across the city from the ocean in strings of wispy clouds. As we approached Burial Hill, an ancient cemetery, we decided to stop and walk around.   This was our second trip to Burial Hill; our first being for our anniversary several years earlier.  As we walked through the cemetery we talked about our previous trip and the hair-raising experience I had in this very place.

John and I have always loved the paranormal and would jump on any chance we had to visit a haunted site or take a ghost tour.  Matter of fact, this is how we found Maine Ghost Hunters, through the public meet-up site.  During our first visit to Plymouth we stayed at the haunted John Carver Inn and took a night-time walking ghost tour.  The first part of the tour took us through the cemetery located behind the Inn we were staying at, it was called Burial Hill.  The night was very dark and our path was lit only by the lantern our tour guide was carrying.  As we walked through the cemetery’s twisted path we dropped to the back of the group.  A feeling began to come over both of us that someone was following us and we looked back often, never finding anyone.  As we started up a hill on the backside of the cemetery I wandered off to the left to take a couple of photographs.  As I lifted my camera, I felt a strong tug on the left side of my sweatshirt hood; pulling me a few steps backwards and almost off of my feet.  Forever the jokester, I turned to yell at my husband John, but to my surprise he wasn’t there.  John was more than 100 yards away half-way up the hill.  I looked around to see what I might have snagged myself on but the area was clear of branches or anything else that might catch my hood.  I took a deep breath and quickly walked up the hill to John and told him what had just happened.  We both looked to the area where I had been and then walked up the hill to meet up with the tour group.  The feeling of being followed continued as we walked up the hill and down the stairs to the street, exiting at the gate.  Once outside the cemetery the feeling vanished.

As we walked through the cemetery on that misty day we once again found the spot where I had my paranormal experience.  No mysterious tugs or ghostly presence made itself known on that day.  I wonder what will happen on our next trip?

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